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  1. Hi, Unfortunately last night my car was vandalized quite badly. Its a very old classic Renault and somebody picked it up and flipped it over on its side in the middle of the road. Petrol and radiator fluid everywhere, the police and fire brigade had to come and put it upright. We live down a cul-de-sac so I'm quite surprised it happened really. Both sides are completely ruined, I just hope there's no structural damage however the leaking radiator is very worrying. It was previously in almost concours condition and its a shame really because it was the car my parents got married in and has sentimental value attached to it for my mum. I have a few concerns about the insurance policy because I've never had to claim before. 1. The value is estimated at around £4k on the policy however for collectors these can trade hands for a few times that. I expect the insurer will make their own estimate of its value and base any payout on that? 2. Is it up to them as to whether they want to write it off or repair it? 3. Most worryingly, I examined the policy this morning and I am listed as the owner and registered keeper. On examining the V5 form however, my mum is the owner. We both live at the same address so it never really crossed my mind but I expect now this could be very problematic. Should I submit a form to DVLA to transfer ownership to my name before contacting my insurer or is this a bad idea? Many thanks for your time,
  2. Cancelling account with LA Fitness. I cancelled my account with LA Fitness with the final payment to be taken out at the end of May. I have written confirmation of this with a cancellation reference. I thought the account had been cancelled however on my statement for June I noticed that my gym membership had come out again. I contacted the gym (which is an immense pain as their office operates very limited hours) and asked them to refund me the money for june and make certain the account was cancelled. I then also cancelled the DD instruction on Lloyds online banking. I then left the country for a few months to go to Thailand and having just checked my UK Lloyds account have noticed that they have not refunded me the money and seem to have reinstated the DD! I have now paid for June, July and August membership when the last I was meant to pay for was May. I've already contacted them twice to cancel and they haven't done it. I'm still in Thailand and now going to write them a letter and email them (again) because to call them from overseas would cost an arm and a leg.* I'm writing on this forum because I would like to know if there is anything in particular I should write. By reinstating the DD without my permission I assume they have contravened some part of the Direct Debit rules. Their unauthorised debits have caused me to go overdrawn at considerable expense as well.
  3. Thanks. When I write to them is there anything general I should say/avoid saying?
  4. Many thanks for your comprehensive and informative reply. I'd rather avoid going to court at all costs so perhaps the best thing for me to do would be just to pay the fine. I'm quite surprised that the 'warning' is so high however. Its my understanding that penalties are usually £20 or twice the fare to the next journey (whichever is higher). If I write them a letter explaining myself can I expect a reply in time for me to make payment within 14 days if they reject my appeal?
  5. I very much doubt I could identify the same one as it was Victoria station late at night in November. Even if I could identify the clerk I doubt I could get them to formally commit to anything.
  6. I was stopped at the start of November for travelling without a valid ticket. I was making a journey from London Victoria to Walton on Thames and enquired at the ticket office as to whether I could travel with my oyster card. This was met with acknowledgement from the clerk who said "yeah yeah yeah" and said I could top up at the machines in the tube station. I had a z1-6 travel card and positive PAYG balance on my oyster card but the station I got off at was outside zone 6. I tried to tap out at Walton but the card didn't work with the reader. The station staff member took down my details and said that SWT would be in touch within the month. That was in the first week of November and I received a letter on the 23rd February entitled 'WARNING in lieu of PROSECUTION' saying that 'A warning is not a fine or penalty' and that if I pay £85.60 (operational costs: £45, administration costs: £35, ticket compensation: £5.60) and admit liability they will close the matter. If I felt completely culpable I would just pay the charge however I am quite annoyed that this stemmed from incorrect information given to me at the ticket booth. I should have sensed that the clerk wasn't giving me his full attention but I assumed what he was telling me was accurate. I'd like to avoid paying this 'warning', I'm not sure how to accomplish that though. Is there a statue of limitations with regard to this kind of thing? The station staff member didn't check my ID he just took down my Oystercard number to 'monitor my movements' and my name and address. I'm uncomfortable with how the station staff member was so vague when explaining to me why he was taking my details and what would be done with them - especially wrt the phrasing 'monitor my movements'. They say I will summon me to court if I don't pay the £85.60 'warning' however. (I'm to quite sure how this differs from a fine or a penalty.
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