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  1. Got my desktop back. It took 10 days from start to finish which from other stories on this forum does not seem to bad, but as I had an next engineer visit contract which they changed without telling me, it brings it into perspective. I sent my Desktop away, it had Windows 7, which was an official upgrade from Vista when I purchased the machine. My fault was that the internet was intermittently dropping. I had made sure that I had backed up my PC before sending it off. When I got it back, all they had done was wipe the hard disk and re-installed Windows Vista. I carried out the upgrade to windows 7 and within one day the orginal fault had re-appeared. I phoned the Techguys up and was advised to send it back, I did not want to hear this and it was a case of light the blue touch paper and stand clear. I refused and demanded that it be repaired in house at my local PCWorld. The guy told me that this could not be done and he did not have the authority, so I asked to speak to his manager only to be told that there were no managers available. I found this rather strange and asked what happens in the event of an emergency ie fire or sickness, who takes charge. It was only after I started to really push the matter that he admitted that he worked from home. Advised me to call Customer Services, which I did and was told that they could not help as it was up to the tech guys as they had no authority to arrange a local repair. I explained this is what the tech guy had told me but slightly different saying that customer services could only authorise the repair. I felt like a tennis ball. She advised me to re contact the tech guys but I refused, but the line suddenly went to music and I was transferred to another Tech Guy. I must have got lucky, because he seemed to take an interest and phoned up my local PC World and I was patched through to the store. Things started to get easier, I spoke to a very sympathic sales man who then spoke to his boss . I had a Wifi PCI card and was willing to change it for a new one and fit it myself if they would provide it, but it turns out they no longer do the PCI card but he organised a WiFi dongle which I picked up the next day. It was only when I got put through to the store did I get any joy. I have not cancelled my contract yet as I want to make sure everying else is ok, but it will be cancelled within the next couple of weeks. Another down side, was that my phone bill was an extra £8 due to the 0844 number and the length of time I was waiting and by trying to point out to Curry's what is reasonable customer service. Neilr65
  2. Sorry about break, typing this on an iPhone and fingers touched wrong key. I was saying it does need to be a permanent repair and as mine is intermittent I am expecting it back as no fault found. I will never buy anything from Dixons,Currys or Pcw, looks like Comet have a new customer. Apologies for any typos or spelling mistakes, an iPhone is not the best platform for a message of this size.
  3. Just became very frightened reading all the complaints. I have a contract with Tech Guys since 2009 and only had to use it for a keyboard that was posted. Over the last few weeks I've had a problem where my Internet connection is dropping and as I can connect ok using my iPhone I know it is not the router. I dug out my contract with Tech Guys , I had one that promised me a next day onsite engineer. When I contacted them they told me this service had stopped and that I could haves courier pick it up or drop it off at Pcw,I chose the latter. Before dropping it of I asked what they needed and was told base unit only, on getting to Pcw the tech asked for the wireless aerial, I explained that I was told only base unit was required. He told me that if he did not check it prior to shipping it could delay repair. Round trip of 18 miles to get aerial. To be fair to the guy at Pcw, he then spent next 40 mins checking out. It was decided to send it away. This was on Sunday, I was told it would not be picked up till Wednesday!! Remember when I the contract I had a next day on site visit, now I'm told it will sit in Pcw for 3 days before it can be shipped. Feeling extremely peed off I logged a complaint and followed it up with an email. Today I received a phone call from customer services telling me that by stopping engineer visits and sending it to a central repair centre I was getting a better service. I tried to explain that taking up to 28 days as opposed to next day, in my opinion did not constitute a better service. I'm convinced she thought my head buttoned up the back. I then asked why I was not informed of the changes to my agreement and was told they did not affect the terms and conditions and all they had to do was effect a repair within 28 days and from what I gather it does not need to be permane
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