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  1. Thankyou for your post, good to get a LL's slant. I am gratified to hear it is not unreasonable to expect revigoration (emulsion & gloss) in this period. The light fittings are under-unit lighting in the kitchen all on the same transformer (LL told me this). The LL tried to fix himself with new transformers twice in the first year but within weeks of the last fix they were not working again and I felt bad troubling him for a third time. There was no interference from me - I wouldnt recognise a "transformer" if it came up and shook my hand! The washing machine IS still functional, it just s
  2. Having requested a copy of previous tenancy agreement, I find that it is between myself and my LL's Ex-wife. They divorced years ago, approximately 2 years into my 6 year let, and she sold him the house. Should he have updated the agreement at that time? We are currently disputing wear and tear (*sigh*) and awaiting his response to my most recent offer of compromise, but I wondered if this could make a difference to his stance seeing as there is no official document between he and I and as far as I am aware his wife is estranged. Thanks for advice...........
  3. Thanks for that advice, I have been in correspondance with him via e-mail so have evidence which I could post here too but it's quite boring - He says what he wants doing, I concede that a couple of things are my responsibility but the rest is wear and tear, he comes back saying our ideas of wear and tear are different and he wants it all redecorated and so we are back to square one. I have just asked for a copy of the itinery (I know, I should have one) as I can't believe his claim that I signed a document that says I will completely redecorate on exit. Will let you know when/if I receive it.
  4. The deposit is £750 (one months rent) and to be honest I do not expect to get that back and have accepted that. However what he is demanding I do would cost far in excess of that so I want to be (fairly) sure his request is unreasonable before I refuse. He can then take legal action if he wants and I guess the courts will decide, I just wanted to sense-check whether he was being reasonable or not.
  5. Thanks, well nothing was abused. There are no wine stains, fag burns or anything like that on the carpets, they are just worn from footfall. There are scuffs on the paintwork from people brushing against them. I had the bathrooms and kitchen cleaned by a cleaner and they look great to me, but there are slight limescale buildups in one sink and the toilet bowls. The fridge has a black stain in the back that appeared over time and wont budge. Do you know if household items have a depreciation or recognised average life?
  6. I have left a two bedroom property that I privately rented for 6 years. Prior to my tenancy there was a tenant for 6 months and otherwise the house was a new build. Everything was in good condition when I moved in, complete with washing machine, oven and fridge freezer. Everything was fine for first three years then Landlord (with whom I was friendly) moved from local area to run a pub and barely had contact since. I have not wanted to bother him with minor repairs such as light fittings not working, slight sink leak, and worn lino. He has not undertaken any checks during this time either. I r
  7. Having read many threads on here and researched elsewhere it is clear that Bunkruptcy is the best option for me. Many poor financial decisions over the years have led me to the point of being 40 this year and still being chased for debts from 20 years ago. I have always worked and made payments but never caught up. My credit rating is certainly sub zero now and I have stupidly also used PDL's in the last 6 months. I have just moved and left arrears owing on last property and my ex landlord is threatening to Bankrupt me and I think I should tell him to go ahead? However I would like advice on h
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