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  1. And this was why I've struggled with this for months without going onto an internet forum. Thanks a bunch. I'll be removing my post shortly and going back to being in hell... unable to sell it, unable to live in it , but still paying for it and I can't take this much longer. When you've been in the situation I am in, when you've experienced door after door being slammed in your face and every person you speak to passing the buck to yet another department/official body then by all means have a pop at me. Right now I need to find other people ripped off by this man and unless you've been ri
  2. Hi All, New on here, but need your help already! Have you had a bad experience with a Builder who is based in the Basingstoke/Hampshire borders area? I can't be more specific for obvious reasons, but suffice to say I have had a very, VERY bad experience with a builder who is based in that area, although he has also worked in other areas of the country too, often in cahoots with a plumber who is also somewhat suspect in his workmanship. For it to be taken seriously by the authorities and something be done about him, I need to try and find others who've been a victim of hi
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