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  1. Am a UK citizen, resident in Holland and working here 4 years, in debt to UK CC's. Owe uowards of 15k, and because of domestic , family and mental health issues am in arrears, and have defaulted, and account are suspended The firm are asking me to make contact. Since the debt is mine, am not sure what to say, or wheher to phone or put it in writing. Obviously, am not wanting the debt to grow, but not sure what can be said or done at this stage. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks very much for your fast reactions, very helpful indeed. I'll continue making the repayments as best as I can, and will get back to you if and when the day of default / reckoning comes!
  3. When you say 'civil action', you mean a petition for bankruptcy served up in NL, even though the cards are issued in the UK? The cc's are two Barclaycards (6,000 / 5,000) which I've had for 25 years, and an RBS card (2000). There's never been any payment insurance on them, and no unfair charges, mainly because I've managed the debts. Over the years, the barclaycards have had balances run up and cleared regularly, and in that time I've never missed a payment, which is why the prospect of default in the next few months is so troubling and daunting.
  4. Hello, Am a Brit, but have been resident in NL since 2008, where have a permanent job and a mortgage. I brought some credit cards with me, and are registered to my home address here in Holland, and have used them over the last three years, mainly for travelling back and forth to the UK where I have family commitments (elderly and ill parents to look after). I owe about 14,000 on three UK cards. (Barclaycard). Alas, owing to the downturn here, from April my job will be be made part time, and which means that I will be barely able to cover my mortgage, never mind the minimum payments on the
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