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  1. Sorry my bad. Its contravention code 21 on the PCN slip. Pay and display bay as the ticket dispenser was just round the corner. I thought HYMN was refering to the first 3 letters of the PCN which was CL6.
  2. Point taken Jamberson, thanks. Worth a shot appealing. Hopefully there's no written code stating the wardens can post signs up anywhere as they deem fit.
  3. crem thanks. if that's the case, it would suggest that I would not have grounds for appeal.
  4. yes, its identical and runs along the entire parking bays.
  5. Greetings, I new to the forum. Some advice is really appreciated on the subject. I recieved a PCN for a suspended bay parking at parking bay F45 at Finsbury Circus in London. This is on Sunday and parking is supposed to be free. The notice/sign stated parking bay F45, but it was errected behind parking bay F44. Why can't the sign be hanged directly behind parking bay F45? There is enough "fence" to hang it directly behind parking bay F45. My suspision is that the suspended bay could be F44 previously. So someone wanted to suspend F45 instead and never relocate the sign. well maybe... This is not the usual parallel curbside parking where signs need to be errected at metal street post which could be some distance from the intended parking lot or lots. I was wondering if I stand any chance of an appeal and what angle should I draft this appeal letter. Hope to hear from some good souls here. some pics attached. Thanks! Jeremy
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