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  1. We have received this..... We are writing to advise you that we would like to visit the above property to carry out an inspection. You may wish to be present during this visit, but if you are unable to be in attendance we will use our keys to enter the property. We have no issue with an inspection but would like to be present as not comfortable with someone entering when we are not there - this is our first inspection and we do not want the landlord "finding" issues we cannot substantiate as we are not there. We are actually going abroad to get married at that time. What I wan
  2. I had a letter from Provident telling me that Gothia had instructed them to collect a Shop Direct amount of £157.00 and that could i take out a personal loan to cover this amount. That a rep would be round to discuss payment options. So I rang Provident as I do not recognise this debt and asked them for further information. They said they do not have the details and have referred me to Gothia who are closed on a weekend. I told Provident that they had better not come to my door trying to claim money when they cannot tell me what it is for! I am concerned as the only debt that
  3. P.sFirstly I instructed a letting agent to look for tenants for my flat. They found a couple to rent the flat and took a holding deposit. The agent rang me last week to say that they were having problems getting the references through and would let me know this week what was happening. At this point I was led to believe that it was on hold until they received the references and I had ok'd them and signed the contract. I went to my flat at the weekend to give it a clean out and found that the tenants had already moved in. They could barely speak english and couldnt answer my question regar
  4. I wanted to transfer my gas and electric to another supplier because I have had nothing but problems with British Gas. There are have been a catalogue of errors on their part, resulting in us being two months down the line since receiving our first bill from them and we have still been unable to set up a direct debit. So we decided to change supplier, but because we have an outstanding amount with British Gas they have refused to let us leave. Surely as a consumer I have a right to shop wherever I want?? Can they make me stay with them until the debt is paid off.......as we were intend
  5. I have seen their T&C's as they are accessible on the website. However I have trawled through the banking code and I cannot really find much apart from it states they have to let you know about charges. My banks attitude is that they made me aware of charges at the outset, and in this instance they have notified me of this charge as they have written to me. The letter went out at the same time they debited my account and I still have not received it yet
  6. Hi bankfodder There was no earlier transgression. They told me directly today that they had paid the standing order and the rest of the money I was over my overdraft was due to the £25 charge they had levied due to having to pay the standing order when there was insufficient funds. I have since taken your advice and spoken to them about telephone payments, and they said as a bank they do not and have never had that facility. She referred me to the terms and conditions relevant section detailing ways to pay money into my account and it does not include making payments over the phone.
  7. I had forgotten about a standing order that was due. The bank paid it, despite the fact that I did not have enough in my account to cover it, and IMMEDIATELY debited my account with a £25 charge for going overdrawn! They are now charging me £5 a day while I am overdrawn. Firstly I thought they had to give you so many days notice of charges due to be applied.......in this case they havent. Secondly I offered to clear the charge with my credit card. They apparently do not take payments over the phone and advised me to go into my branch to clear it. I advised that there is not a branch
  8. Just out of interest, as I no longer have the letters he put through the door, (partly typed partly handwritten), will the bailiffs office have a copy? I want proof that I was not given a detailed breakdown of the fees
  9. Also what happens if my friend claims back the payment on their credit card? Would the bailiffs be after me again?
  10. The £24.50 attendance cost was added the same day that they did the walk in possession agreement. The bailiff has just confirmed there was a £100 attendance fee charged for a visit on the 21st of September, when the bailiff apparently turned up with a van to seize goods. However, I have no proof that he appeared with a van, and he put a letter through the door stating I pay up or further action would be taken ( i no longer have this letter). He could have turned up on a push bike for all I know. Also he told me over the phone on the day I paid the full amount, that he had booked a van fo
  11. Just checked my walk in possession agreement again and the costs are as follows......... £228.90 Debt to council £31.00 Levy Fee £12.00 Walk in possession fee £24.50 Attendance Costs Total £296.40 I had since paid £25 off that amount which would amount to ££271.40 yet the final amount the bailiffs wanted was £434.00. ~I have just spoken to the bailiffs who have confirmed they charged me a £100 attendance fee ( for putting a letter throught the door, threatening me with seizure of goods if i did not pay in full) - this is illegal right??
  12. Not sure what you mean by a levy - it had gone to a court and an order had been granted to the bailiffs. Could you explain a levy for me? Yes I do still have the walk in possession agreement, but I did not send the cheque recorded or registered post. However, I guess the bank can confirm that I did in fact cancel the cheque.
  13. I made an agreement with bailiffs to repay council tax back at £25 per month. I received a notice through my door saying that Last months payment was never received by them, which I can only put down to the postal strike, and I noticed that the amount owing had gone up. Guess this was due to their charge. I cancelled the cheque at my bank as soon as I found out and contacted the bailiff. I had received my new bank card by that point and was offering to make the payment via debit card. They said that I defaulted on my payment arrangement so therefore had to pay the amount in full. They th
  14. I was clamped tonight in a car park in Windsor. Not sure if it was a private or public car park, but it was clearly signposted with details of clamping and charges. My ticket was to cover me till 10.13. I was late arriving back at my car, due to a fight outside the restaurant where I had been. We stayed inside the restaurant until the crowds had dissipated. #I arrived back at my car at 10.39, and the clampers were moving towards my vehicle. I shouted over to let them know that I was there, and that I would be leaving. The man, ran towards my car with the clamp and put it on. The woma
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