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  1. I don't really know what it is for. They didn't give the original agreement, but yes it was for a mobile phone. It was about six months from falling off my record. CCJ granted in default 07/06/2017. We find the deadlines really difficult due to illness.
  2. Hi there, I had a judgement in default made and have been trying to pay. It was originally through Capquest and Arrowe Global, but I tried ringing Capquest and they say they can't handle it because it's 'in litigation', tried calling Restons automated payment line - that didn't work either. Then, tried Restons website it says "We are currently unable to accept web payments against this matter, please contact Restons directly to make a payment." I actually have never received one letter from Restons only from Capquest. The second matter is that I actually wanted to defend but was in hospital when the claim form went through. I kind of want to try and overturn the CCJ, but it is important to me to be able to rent a property in the future. Also, why won't they let me pay? any ideas? Lastly my judgement was for 585, but I believe last time I looked the payment they want is 650. Thanks
  3. Also started arranging viewings four months before our contract end. talking about deposit now one month before
  4. They aren't under an agent anymore. They are in the UK. Also when we moved in there was a broken couch, which we noted and gave to them on the inventory list. Now they want to charge us to replace the couch. It's also three years later and a secondhand couch with no receipt. So even if we had damaged it there is no way we could claim on insurance, check what the value would be, check depreciation. They arrange everything for us, such as viewings, they are always there and have pre-arranged a time which we are supposed to fit into. Also say if we are not there then they will come in themselves. We angled for repairs for a while and now they are having them done but not saying is the day ok. just we are coming in. Think they were threatening to withhold a reference, we pay and it's ok we can move out. Right now what we are scared of the most is not being able to rent another.
  5. We have several concerns about our current landlord and current house. 1. two windows smashed due to a fault. There has been a product recall in which the company who installed them will replace all of these windows. Our landlord response is to come by with some gloves and a box. Only the ones which already broke, the others are still at risk of spontaneously shattering. 2. no current gas certificate. no gas certificate since we moved in, if there is one it is fraudulent. 3. black mould, my asthma has increased from mild to severe. 4. I am currently disabled and been told by doctors to move out of the property. We had seven months left on our lease. Our landlord insisted we stay to the last month even if we offered to pay the remaining months. 5. He set up our next landlord on our behalf. We decided not to go with them, but he brings the landlord we rejected around to our house on the pretext of making repairs while also asking us about where we are moving to. Feel pressurised. 6. We gave three months notice so we could relax and not be bothered during the move. (due to disability) he had the estate agent bringing people around for the whole three months. 7. The latest is he is pressuring us to move out early but also pay the rent when we aren't living there. Now that the estate agent found interested people. For example, we expect to move in one week, but we are paying for another 2 months. We haven't had the all clear, credit checks etc but he wants to know NOW what's going on. (we had a delay due to the landlord he set us up with. so instead of having a relaxing three months we had about 10 days.) 8. Had doctors letters saying the house isn't suitable, need to move. The house cannot be adapted for my needs. My question really is we are tempted to go after them, for the potentially dangerous window (two have broken glass overhead, plus one in tact but same brand that shattered already), the lack of gas certificate, our deposit being in their bank not protected, black mould growing where a pipe was leaking for two years. The thing is we are disabled and any retaliatory actions or stress would increase health problems. Scared that calling environmental health will spark a chain of events when the whole point is we want to be left alone to peaceful quality of life. However, it is nagging at me, the potential dangers to the next tenant. Where do we stand as well due to the other issues with paying the rest of the contract? I.e after we move out we will still be paying about 6 weeks.
  6. We have been told that our property is no longer suitable, health wise by an Occupational Therapist and a Neurologist. We have been offered another house, with a lift. Much more suitable for health. Only problem is we still have several months left on the contract (12 month contract) - 9 months left. This has a second issue of getting a landlord reference when we are leaving early. The landlord is aware of the situation. In that stairs are making it so I can't walk any more. Ending up stuck upstairs. I'm almost thinking of passing it up because of the money if we have to pay two rents over 7-8 months.
  7. Hi there, We have a really good landlord but I am in a 3rd floor flat and have found out I have MS. Increasingly I am finding the stairs difficult, both with vision and energy. We still have 8 months to go on a 12 month contract. At the moment we are thinking of staying until the lease is up but we keep seeing ground floor properties with adaptations and are worried that nothing suitable will be around in 8 months. (last time we were looking there were no ground floor properties)
  8. They actually took the phone form as the actual one! Now they have three months rent for us. They paid direct to the landlord, but to an agency. The agency returned it as we deal directly with the landlord. The issue now is we have paid the rent, but the housing benefit is owed to us for three months. They approved the cash office to release it to us on the 6th February but nothing has happened. How long does it take the cash office to resend payment?
  9. I'm not sure why but they did. The council also say they have two applications. That doesn't really matter though because they have our paper application anyway. The main question though is am I eligible to receive money in the period between Habitual Residence Test and the council processing housing applications. As our ESA during the time of the HRT also. The other question is that it is coming up to our third month paying rent next week. We wont be able to pay it if they take longer. Is there a way to release any of it while they are assessing. If they are only paying one month we will have to use our normal ESA money to pay the rent as well, that's why I ask.
  10. Apparantly we made two applications. We applied by phone with ESA two-three months ago and they forwarded it to the council one month ago after the Habitual Residence Test. Around the same time we went in to show ID (we had also been in earlier but they said it was too soon) They asked us to complete a form, we told them we already applied for housing benefit but they said we needed to, we completed it. They are taking either the date the jobcentre contacted them or the date we filled the form in, but not earlier when we did it in the first place. ESA was backdated by 5 weeks.
  11. Hi there, Back in November I applied for ESA and housing benefit over the phone with the jobcentre. We had to go through a Habitual Residence Test. However, the council wouldn't take any info off us until the HRT had gone through. We didn't know the HRT had been fine until after Christmas (it went through 19th of December). We had actually been turned away from their office on the 19th of December because we still didn't know about HRT. Then their office was closed until 5th January Now every time we go to the council they say they still have one month, it's now been 3 months rent we paid so far. When mentioned to them they say only one month. We are worried that they are only counting it from January so when it finally goes in it will be much much less. We do tell them about the HRT, and that they wouldn't take any of our proof or anything until after.
  12. I did think we would be entitled to housing benefit if we got ESA but get different messages when to give them the housing form, etc. We were told it was too soon and had until 5th of January to bring it in (despite the fact they aren't there until the 5th of January now) Also, we had actually taken the fit note to the ID for HBT appointment but they didn't want it then. They said to send with the request we had received, only they had never requested it or given info where to send it till yesterday
  13. UPDATE - did the habitual residence test, haven't heard if we passed or not but received a letter Christmas Eve asking for my fit note to be sent by the 6th of December. We posted the note Christmas Eve but now obviously it will get caught up with Christmas post / DWP having holidays. We also went to take our tenancy agreement but were told to wait for the result of the habitual residence test. Bit worried because it's over a month now. They also said as well that our claim for housing benefit would start the day we go again rather than when we first applied, because she wont take the form of us. I thought housing benefit was tied to ESA but not council tax relief? What would you advise in terms of making sure they don't close my claim while we are waiting for the post. Normally would call and ask for a fax number and get another fit note, but the library is closed for faxing and they probably aren't there to answer the phone either.
  14. Hopefully this is the case. I have both of those ready. Would get a new passport but don't yet have money for it
  15. I know, have been on waiting list 6 months because mine isn't a routine one and the top guy at the hospital wants to see me so it's taking longer. Already had one eye done but was done abroad and they told me i have a flaw in my eyes not just cateracts and other illnesses too that's just the first one, or next operation.
  16. I have actually been disabled a long time, but certain things are getting worse. Like I have cateracts, and they get worse over time. I think it's really the ID thing at the moment, I don't have a passport and my husband doesn't have a right to reside letter
  17. Hi there, I wonder if someone might help. I have a Habitual Residence Test on Monday. The form asks for passport and Id for my husband and my husbands residency documents. I have actually lost my passport so that is awkward for one and then residency documents, my husband and I are disabled. I am from the UK and lived in holland for one year. We have been here together 16 months not claiming anything. The CAB say my husband doesn't need residency documents but I think he might and might also not be eligible for them. I feel a refusal coming on and want to know what I can do. Thanks
  18. I placed an order on the 28th of October with Amazon for £289.99. I was trying to get an understanding of when the payment authority would be removed because it just happened to go out on rent day! I have contacted Amazon and Halifax and both have been useless. Wont do anything until it's due to fall off. It would help if I knew if it was going say tonight overnight or next Thursday as I have to push to find more money if they are going to take longer. Have called Halifax twice (cost £5) emailed Amazon twice. What is the standard
  19. Agreed with all of above. The monthly rent amount and deposit is fine, the problem is they are insisting on cash payment weeks before contract sign / move in. Not even bank transfer. They were registered with openrent but insisted we pay holding deposit direct, no receipt given for holding deposit leads me to believe no receipt for rent. We know the total amount, what we arent sure of is what they are demanding of us immediately, as they said deposits are due immediately after referencing. I asked what its for, they just say deposit. its a few weeks before we were due to move in. I said we would be away, could I not do a bank transfer, this was turned down. We offered cash on return and were told this is too late. Only wanting to take cash immediately when we have no receipt for funds paid so far made us nervous.
  20. It is a property management company. We had paid a small holding deposit, nothing in writing just a text to say received. The holding deposit was explained to take the property off the market, and would be put towards first months rent Now they want security deposit without signing anything and only in cash, not a bank transfer. It is sending alarm bells for me as I wont have even seen the contract to know what we are paying for not even sure if they mean security deposit or first month and security deposit.
  21. The holding deposit was to a private landlord, a property company
  22. My husband and I are due to move in three weeks. We have placed a holding deposit down on a property, at the moment it is still showing as available on websites. Although the landlord says as far as she is concerned it is ours. She said to pay the deposit as soon as possible, would that mean the 1st month and deposit or the security deposit? I only ever signed contracts and made first months payment on move in before. We also moved out of our last place and the landlord requested that our deposit be released so we want to wait for that, should be a few days. Im just not sure what it means to send money without contract. What is the normal way?
  23. We are going to have a bad ladlord reference, not saying we are bad tenants but that we do not pay on time. This is due to their being a gas leak over christmas, us not being able to use the stove due to only a temporary fix. Holes in the windows where the frame is too heavy for the window. Our bills were high so we struggled with the last fifty or so rent. added to which our tenancy deposit is not protected, the ll also never calls always just comes round. Already threatening we may lose our reputation. we rented one year before and paid rent on time (abroad) and then stayed in a pub where we paid rent after check out and we were fine. I worry about our limited references in this country and any credit file trouble before our bills settled down. we are due to pay 330 for a deposit but it is worrying as we know this will be easier to be on time but they dont know that.
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