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  1. What I don't understand is how can a judge award judgement for the landlord for kettles and beds without receipts and in their evidence they submitted Argos pictures as proof of items missing or broken Plus I'm sure everyone has a right to defend themselves, my friend wasn't even given the chance to speak because the judge wanted the case close by 4.30pm My friend submitted 30 pages of evidence to prove the property was left in a excellent condition and text messages to prove the landlord told her to get rid of anything broken, while the landlord produce 2 pages with Argos pictures
  2. Hi I require some legal help for a friend who attended court today and lost due to unfair judgement my friend rented a property off the books (no tenancy agreement and cash rent payment) for 4 years she decided to rent a place with a garden so told the landlord she was moving out, the landlord was not happy as this ruined his pension plans (landlords words) so she decided to take my friend to court claiming she broke 2 beds, ripped stair carpet left the house with mould around windows and left the property in a mess and had to renovate which was rubbish as the landlord sold i
  3. Hi Thanks for your replies My family members live in Oldham, Greater Manchester I have told them to ring the council office Monday morning to find out more regarding the £50 a month they are being charged, they are not in receipt of any housing benefit just Council Tax reduction.
  4. I am enquiring on behalf of family members. We have just been told by them that they are paying £50 per month bedroom tax. They are private home owners, mortgage free but in receipt of disability benefit, both are registered disabled and they are exempt from paying council tax due to being disabled. Is it correct that they are being charged a monthly bedroom tax?
  5. thanks for your reply do i send the SAR to Capital one or to AXA who are the PPI insurance?
  6. hello i am in need of some advice i have a capital one credit card with ppi insurance, i did know about the insurance because they ask me to take it out when i activate the card in 2011, i did explain at the time that i was self employed and didn't think that i would be paid out if i was unable to work, capital one said they would. i had a claim form for another ppi insurance with another bank which was proved as mis sold as i was self employed. is it true that as a self employed person ppi insurance is worthless? and the capital one ppi is mis sold and i sho
  7. Hi I was in the same situation and I'm thinking about complaining, it all started with a £400 loan which was paid then I was offered £600 then £1000 because I repaid every time then I ended up borrowing £800 which I as paying back every month for 2 years as I was in a low paid job, which they knew about and how much I was earning at the end of the month I had just enough to to pay the interest and not the full loan therefore extending the loan, also I was told that wonga loans do wonders for your credit rating as I always repaid and never went on a repayment plan my credit rating is very
  8. Hi I took out a wonga loan in 2011 and again in 2012 which ran for over two years, I was extending the loan on the promise date, paying the interest then taking another one the same day as I didn't have the money to pay back, as of October last year I paid the loan back and was not able to apply for another because off all the trouble they were in, as a result I Had little money for the month, When I first applied for the load I was told I could apply for 400 pounds which was paid within 30 days when I applied again I was approved 600 pounds which I ap
  9. Hi Again I have just found out today that the van, that was supposed to be in Nottingham is actually not there it hasn't left the holding company in Bridgwater. When I rang RCI on Friday offering to pay for the van they told me that the option to do this was no longer available becasuse it was on its way to an Auction House, it would appear that they were lying. I feel that RCI had no intention of letting me purchase the van, it seems they would rather send it to auction and sell for pennies then hold me responsible for paying the shortfall, this will no doubt put me into a debt
  10. My vehicle was taken by a recovery agency on Wednesday 29th February, i spoke to the finance company that afternoon to see what options i had regarding getting my vehicle back, i was told that i had to either pay off the loan or that i could buy the vehicle back for the amount that is outstanding, £10,159.00. I told them that i wanted my vehicle back and that i would like to buy it but would need to obtain a loan, i asked how long they would hold it for, i also asked if they would accept confirmation of the loan in writing as assurance that the funds would be available
  11. Hi sorry i have not replied to any post. On wednesday my van was recovered by RCI Ltd, the guys who came to collect the van were not nice people, one of them insulted my partner, they both threw all my posessions from the van all over the private driveway as i live on private lands living within a 1800's manor house in the courtyard, so i do not own any land on site other than inside my Cottage, i told them i haven't had any letters or calls and they could not take the vehicle. They insisted they were taking with or without my consent. They broke a few things out
  12. Hi i am hoping somebody will give me some advice. This morning somebody knocked on my parents door asking for me, (I live in Devon and they live in Manchester) it was about my van and they asked my dad to contact me to tell me to give them a call. I called the guy and he told me to contact RCi Financial services LTD regarding payment arrears. I rang them and asked what it was all about and they said that i was in arrears and that they were taking the vehicle back and had cancelled my finance agreement. I was not aware that i was in arrears, they told me they had sent
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