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  1. hi would just like to say a really big thankyou to Linzi for sorting out my issues with carcraft, she sorted out my issues the same day absolutely fantastic an absolute credit to carcraft, cant say how much i appreciate her help. thanks again lisa xx
  2. hi there have you managed to resolve this issue? i took out the nac guarantee with a car i bought from carcraft last year but i got another car on finance through carcraft beginning of this month so the took my other back which i have the warranty on, im having nothing but trouble with carcraft with them cancelling the warranty for a car i no longer have. i really dont no where to go from here, carcraft are saying they are sorting it but i dont belive a thing there saying anymore. lisa
  3. sorry for your loss hope you get things sorted
  4. does anybody no how i check to see if i may be able owed money back from ppi?
  5. hello linzi is it possible for you to contact me on [PERSONAL DETAILS REMOVED] i took at the nac warranty when i bought a car off carcraft last march, but i went back to carcraft at the beginning of this month to get a new car so i gave the other back which has the warranty on it, im having great difficulty with carcraft they have said that they will cancel the nac for me and when i spoke to them last week they said they were waiting for conformation off nac that it had been cancelled, when i spoke to carcraft again this morning i was told that they will speak to nac to cancel it so the
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