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  1. Hi - did you get anywhere with this? I have an account with HFC for a television and was thinking of reclaiming. Thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, I received a letter from Rachel Claridge at a&l credit card saying that the charges are fair, you signed the agreement blah blah blah! They have credited 245.00 of the 647.00 that I am claiming back onto my card account - which is handy because I have just had a baby 2 weeks ago and just want to get the debt paid off! I sent them back a letter recorded delivery on Friday last week to say thanks for the goodwill payment but I want the rest or I will proceed to court etc etc. I have given them 7 days to get back to me so I will see what happens - I really am hoping that they offer me some more as I am desperate to get rid of the balance on the card and maybe even have some left over to pay off some other debts. Has anyone been in this situation or does anyone have any idea what their next move usually is????
  3. Thanks for the advice Penny. I have typed up the LBA and will have it ready and waiting to post on the 27th! I am absolutely determined to get this money back, they'll wish they had never accepted my custom when I'm finished with them!!!
  4. Hi all, I have just been looking around the threads for info on the above. My partner has just received his statement information from A&L. We have been working through it today and have included the following charges in our calculations: Failed cheques Failed D/Debits Unauthorised overdraft charges Paid item charges Each month there is also a £25.00 debit shown for "monthly overdraft charge". Has anyone included these items in their charge schedules?? If you could advise as to whether we can claim these back I would be really grateful.
  5. Thanks Uk. Advice appreciated. I am going to send off my letter today and see what response they give! I'm guessing that it will be...........we'll give you the difference - £12.00 is a fair charge blah blah blah! I'm not going down without a fight!!!!! Will let you know how I get on!
  6. Hello all, I have just been looking over my statements for my capital one credit card which is currently an active account. I have a quite a few charges for £12 for late payments and overlimit fees etc. My first question is am I right in thinking that you cannot claim back charges of £12.00 as this has been deemed an acceptable amount for capital one to charge by the OFT??????? As I looked further into my statements there are some charges for £20.00, obviously before they changed the amount............ can I request that these charges are refunded??? It would be a very small claim as there are not many £20 charges but every penny counts doesnt it?? Could someone advise as to whether I am entitled to ask for the £12 charges back in addition to the £20 ones or just the £20 charges?? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi everyone, I have received a letter from a/l credit card this morning saying that they are looking into my complaint and will respond by the 5th September. Going by my 14 days I should receive an answer on the 27th August not the 5th September! Should I just wait for them to answer me according to their deadline or should I push for a faster result?? I've been counting down the days and checking the post everyday so I am a little disappointed that I will have to wait even longer!!! I just want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hello, Good luck with your claim. My prelim went off recently too, I have received a letter today saying that they are looking into my complaint and I will receive an answer by the 5th September! If they were sticking to my 14 days as per my prelim letter I should get an answer on the 27th August not the 5th September!!!!! Let me know how you get on.
  9. Hi standing - thanks for your advice and encouragement. Can you tell me how I go about working out the 24.9% interest? When I did my bank charges I used a calculator on the moneysavingexpert website and put in each charge and the date of the charge, should I use this in this instance?? Advice appreciated!!
  10. Hello Weds, I didnt include interest with my request. I have read about it but I felt a little unfamiliar so decided to just go ahead with charges. Do you think that I should include interest? I have already sent my letter requesting the 647.00 back so guess I can go back now............
  11. Hello all, My partner has a store card which was issued for use in chain stores such as Jack Blair. The account is on a revolcing credit basis and is dealt with by Clydesdale. We are looking at reclaiming the penalty charges isused on this store card account but I wondered if Clydesdale will not deal with this case due to exemption under the current OFT case. Can any advise on this? I am not sure whether it only applies to current accounts for example with Clydesdale rather than store card accounts???? Can anyone help???
  12. Hello everyone, I recently had a successful claim with my Alliance and Leicester current account and have now decided to reclaim the charges from my c/card. I sent a&l c/card a letter requesting details of charges etc etc without enclosing the standard fee of 10.00 - just to see if they would send them for free! Well they sent me the details for nothing ("on this occasion we have not charged you for this information"!) and I have now responded requesting my charges back which total £647.00. I should hear back in a week or so now so I am looking forward to the response. I will keep you updated. From looking at the threads it does appear that they do tend to offer partial offers pretty quickly - is this the case or have I just not looked at enough of the threads???? I am really hoping that they wont make it difficult and will just offer me some of the money back! My main aim is to pay the balance of my credit card off so I would be happy to take a lower amount in order to do that but we will see!!!
  13. HI Younganfree, I did send the prelim letter requesting the charges back with schedule of charges. I had all my statements and things which made it a bit quicker. I received a fob off as a result of that. I then sent another - think its referred to as LBA and then to avoid having to go to court I sent one final letter hoping for a speedy settlement for 25% less than the charges but as below that didnt get anywhere. I will go ahead with the court proceedings - she says nervously!!
  14. Thanks for the advice. I am really nervous about starting court proceedings. I feel a bit out of depth but dont wanna go down without a fight!! I'll keep you posted on how I get on - good luck with yours.
  15. I sent a letter to a and l recently offering a a partial payment for a quick settlement. I showed the total amount that we would claim inc interest should it go to court and also that we would take them to court if we did not receive a satisfactory response. I received a letter today saying "thank you for your communication and we are looking into the matter and will update you asap". Has anyone else had this and do they usually answer? I am wondering whether to just file the claim on the 24th May as stated in our last letter. What do you think??
  16. After two attempts to request the amount of 2537.00 I have received two fob off letters from a and l. I have now sent a third letter including charges and interest totalling 2813 and pence. I have made a request for partial payment of 2000.00 so will see what happens. If I receive a fob off letter from this then small claims here we come!!!! Will let you know how I get on! Ps - when you give them 14 days to reply does this include weekends or Saturdays or is it working days? Anyone?
  17. Thats great - thanks for the advice! They dont like to make things easy do they - then again - does any bank!!! Will let you know how I get on - so much fun!!!
  18. I have a query! I called a and l today to enquire as to whether they had received the letter that I sent first class last weds detailing charges etc etc. Just wanted to keep the pressure on them! I was told that they hadnt received my letter and no notes re a letter had been added to my account. I told them that I would send it again in that case. I advised them that my letter was sent to the personal banking HQ in bootle - merseyside. I was advised by the call taker that I should send the letter to a PO Box number in London - surely they will receive my letter at their HQ and deal with it or pass it on. You cant tell me that if it isnt mean for that department they just throw it in the bin without adding notes to the account!!!! The fact that my account is with a recovery dept was the reason I was told to send to send it to a PO Box but I still cant believe that they just wouldnt deal with the letter when its received in Bootle!! Do you think I should re send the letter to the PO Box or call them again to find out the situation?? (I was calling from work so couldnt exactly go into details!)
  19. Have just sent my second letter to a and l detailing charges and giving them 14 days to come back! Cant wait to hear from them!!! Not getting myself excited because its only the beginning of a very long slog I am sure! In truth I am expecting a second fob off letter but who knows! My claim is for a total of £2537.00 over a 20 month period - we only had this account a short time and I am pleased to say that I no longer bank with a and l!! I will let you know what they come back with - if anything!!!
  20. I have just been through my alliance and leicester bank statements since January 05 and have totalled up £2470 worth of charges. I have written the initial letter requesting a refund for the full amount and enclosed a schedule of charges. I now have to wait 14 days! Can people who have been through this let me know what the usual response is after this stage? I am interested to know and want to start planning my next attack! :grin:
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