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  1. I purchased a sofa from Freemans (grattan) just over two years ago. After around a year I noticed some springs had gone in one of the items. Now though every spring in the two seater sofa has gone making it impossible to sit on. Surely this is not on? After arguements via my catalogue agent, they have agreed to send an upholsterer to do a report - obviously with the intention of clarifying whether it's a manufacturing problem or not. How do I stand? Would broken springs be classed as being a manufacturing problem?
  2. Hi, I purchased a sofa that is just over two years old now from Freemans via an agent. however - after around a year the springs in one of the items began breaking. Now - all springs are gone on the two seater making it impossible to sit on. I contacted the agent who in turn contacted Freemans - obviously they said that it's outside of manufacturers standard one year guarantee but she pursued it. They have now agreed to send someone to make a report. Where do I stand? Surely all springs should not be broken after just two years? Would broken springs be classed as being a manufactu
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