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  1. Hi Guys Must admit I'm starting to worry a bit now! I've had 3 letters from UKPC about too long a stay at McDonalds, have just received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd who work for UKPC. They 've been instructed to recover the money, pay within 7 days, mentions of quotes re courts not looking favourably on people who withold info, will pass to solicitor to commence proceedings etc! Do I 100% ignore or is there chance I could actually be persued and fined??? Thanks
  2. many thanks everyone...i'll let you know what happens next! i can see what everyone is saying is correct, its just a bit worrying as you dont want anything to happen that affects you in the future!? thanks
  3. hi barnsley boy, you seem to be well informed about the ukpc parking charges re:mcdonalds ive been charged for staying too long at mcd's at tankersley, jct 36 m1 just had the second letter through the charge is now up to £100! they are saying "can be registered as debt against me" "additional costs" and "credit rating" etc having read many posts, is your advice to ignore all letters or reply with a "set" legal reply disputing?? any "professional" advice would be very welcome! thanks
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