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  1. Engaged solutions apparently bought pound access loan book but, They have only a licence for credit brokerage, so i am pretty sure even if they have the loan book , the debts are still under pound access, and as they are only a broker they don't have the correct category for debt collecting, if i am wrong please tell me, will ring oft tomorrow to confirm. Licence Number:0651832 Licence Status:Current Current Applicant / Licensee: Business Name Company Registration Number Engaged Solutions Limited 08047869 Categories: Credit brokerag
  2. Update Got letter from court today, well 2 letters, One saying claim was struck out but, Andrew Hart faxed the court the day before before at 4pm saying of non attendance, and said something and this is some of the courts reply to him "Your communication of 21/08/2012 was put before ( the judge ) after order made at 10:05hrs. The court draws your attention to CPR 27.9 requiring the giving of at least 7 days written notice of the non-attendance and this with reference to the 3rd paragraph of your communication.If you with to pursue matters, you can make the appropriate
  3. well if i have to go court again for this , then i will to a counter claim against him and get a lawyer, as this is the 2nd time this ccj has been stuck out 1st time he never replied to the court papers so didn't go to court 2nd time he didn't turn up 3rd time.. unless he has a really really really good excuse for not going or sending some to represent him then.. in my mind this debt is settled
  4. and he made the claim but didn't defend it, even his witness statement didn't make sense to the judge, but yeah the whole claim was stuck out and he will have to pick up the court charges as there was no judgment made against me
  5. Well the case got stuck out because he didn't turn up to court, but i did bring up alot facts and the judge did have a few questions to ask him and how he was going justify charges and the fact there's no charges in the contact i signed and that he cant have 2 sets off terms and conditions But if u do have any ccj always go to court..
  6. a fake company was claiming to be money lender and pretending offer loans over £1000 and charging fees for the loans, the max this company offered was £500 and the fact there not sending any unpaid debts for collections just show there where a good lender, Due to fraudsters we are loosing good lenders and being left with the c**p ones
  7. Now trading as payday24 but there website has gone down for some reason https://www.payday24.com/ beware
  8. Please note my claim has not been dismissed another use on this website has been not mine sorry for any confusion
  9. Offer them a payment plan, I had ccj with them and the court ordered me to pay but the aggreed to repayment plan and ive missed payments on it, ring them and keep in contact only pay what you can offered i owe them 300 2 years ago n im nearly done paying it
  10. yeah im waiting for court dates but i did send the court a number of daming emais to them and the credit agreement
  11. Wait so the court acpected them charges and did u try n fight it that is really bad so I got no hope
  12. they are bad there like 10 day loans for £15 quid .. for £100
  13. We just all need to make sure no one has to deal with Andrew hart again ive put in my forms to court and now just waiting
  14. Well yesterday i spoke and to the hsbc manager in london bridge and showed him a few emails and contract and the claim as the was printing of statments for me to show me paying andrew hart! bless themthanks for the 50 page statment but the good news and cheered me up was that the manager said, "This is the most unforceable debt and contact i Have ever seen", This made me happy
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