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  1. i know. I bought a red one in Poundland 3/4 years ago to read the T&Cs. I never credited it though but got a postoffice travel one then a coop travel one. But then just started a euro bank account. If a new prepaid card is used with a new online shop ID then it tracks as a new person/account. So all supermarkets pay out online for first home deliveries etc as do gambling sites etc
  2. Tuxedo had higher rates as I recall as in the past I had been looking for one for Ryanair flights as they kept changing their requirements. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/cards/prepaid-cards Its on old link but a good summary. I got the Co-op one as it had better prices than others from the same company (?Raphael Bros). Many are aimed at specific needs, such as the current Ryanair one has poor rates but offers no charges for their flights. Lycamobile offers one for a ?ttenner? and the same amount is credited to your phone with 10% discounts on subsequent top ups. Many and intended for use in other countries in specific currencies. Each time you get a new one - you can normally get about £100 in discounts via quidco as a new first customer for various sellers.
  3. As its changing the procedures rather than the any offence, current wrongs could be addressed using the new system without being ex post facto. If its actually policed rather than a token gesture; then bailiffs, DCAs and hire purchases companies could find themselves paying out a lot of quieteners for their current MOs. Now doorstepping or telephone call letters are likely to be treated with far greater respect, as potentially will alleged debtors addressing concerns citing the Protection from Harassment Act 97. If it's heavily policed and the PPI spamsters get on board, it could soon be 'Have you had a high bill from a bailiff, or been sent a letter for a debt you don't owe?' filling the junk mail folders.
  4. ...purportedly 22m. It said it on twitter so it must be true!!! :D:D Some G4S security staff speak no English. Glasgow City Council claims they actually do! http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4428975/Some-G4S-Olympic-guards-speak-no-English-and-theres-no-training-uniforms-or-rotas.html
  5. The telegraph is the paper closest to the tories. There only is one EU nation with close to 8% growth.
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/david-cameron/9410053/Cameron-austerity-will-last-until-2020.html I can't see it happen as the currency will be tory testicles long before then! I'm going home at the weekend to a country hit by the same crisis as the UK, but currently managing to scrape along on its near 8% growth. I guess the secret is in fixing what needs to be fixed rather than blaming it on others, not realising that you can't fix a problem when you are lying about its cause. If the UK is going to be printing money until 2020, and the euro finds a solution, then being euro based and borrowing sterling could mean paying back less than was borrowed to clear a shorter term sterling loan.
  7. It was about a month ago I thought. Last I saw of him he was driving off in Mike Baldwin's jaguar! "Only you", had to be their best.
  8. What is the maximum number of house you have worked on average per week? http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/employment/employees/workinghoursandtimeoff/dg_10029426 Also - many places are getting staff to do more and more overtime, as they are not replacing people who leave.
  9. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2422911 It could be loads of things; weight gain, driking more, becoming more unfit, it being hotter in you room you spend most time in. Ask your doc to see what they say too. Exercise might be a good bet.
  10. Have you none of the paperwork at all, or any old bank statements?
  11. OK - 'excluded occupier' so England/Wales. Write recorded delivery to your LL asking him for a tenancy agreement if you do not have one already in writing, clarification of the cost/justification for the shower, and a receipt for your deposit. Wear and tear is the normal wear/usage on an item that will lessen its value until it needs fixed/replaced. LLs can reduce their gross rent by 10% each year to cover wear and tear. However your LL will be using "rent a room allowance" which has no wear and tear allowance, as normally the LL will not be paying tax. However, in spite of this the LL is still not permitted to charge for wear and tear.
  12. Did you have any PPI or charges on these accounts you are asking about? Both can be claimed with a different time limit, so it could be its you who is owed. Just thought i'd get in there before DX! :D:D
  13. I am amazed how incompetent this lot have been. First - I don't use O2 - just their network via Giffgaff. I lost about 24 hours of data and a bit less of calls and texts when their network failed last week. It was the second problem in six months, as I had to change my number in February/March as I used my mobile as a modem - and an error on O2 forwarded the phone number to all sites visited, including ad servers. Then the spamming texts started. I contacted O2 on their web chat - and told them I wanted my phone unlocked free (its PAYG and meant to take a year before it can be unlocked, and it costs £15. The problem was the year!) So after they agreed their service was unsatisfactory, I pointed out my phone must be unsatisfactory too as it was locked to them/that unsatisfactory service, and they had two major screw ups in six months. So they agreed to unlock it free after a bit of a discussion. Now I have an email stating both... It has zero O2 credit, as its not on O2! AND in the small email a few lines down from their chat person it mentions... Hopefully the third web chat earlier will have fixed this!!! :D:D
  14. I am fairly sure there is a precedent for warrants obtained in error or by misrepresentation. I remember one granted for TV licensing, after claiming they could see a TV in a house and it lighting the curtains later. When the house was raided - it was an Amish family without electricity.
  15. As you say, if the stolen sim was used to make normal calls, then that would be the fault of the customer. If the stolen sim is used to make calls to a destination with a high termination cost paying money to both Vodafone and to the person who made the calls, then both are benefiting from the crime. VF can stop the payment to the number - but seem happy to keep their slice of the crime, and pay the criminal too. If VF stops the payment - that crime stops being profitable other than the value of the second hand phone and massively less normal phone usage.
  16. I used to just print one off - but it was a few years ago, as my ex wife used to smash cars as a hobby. In the rare occasions it was not her fault I would hire one of my cars to her while hers was off the road. One accident was a shunt with an uninsured driver, and the MIB were so slow with things the pay out to me for the "hire car" was almost £2000 (about 15 years ago). But it would have been far more had she rented commercially. I had a friend who was a lawyer, and he submitted the bills to the other side when it was not the ex's fault. In 20 years she had about ten accidents with perhaps three not her fault (although she was an accident waiting to happen).
  17. From the problems you list, I would be amazed if it would cost £250 to fix. The potentially worst one is the fuel leak - do you know what is causing it? The indicator is most likely to be a bad connection at the bulb, although a slight chance of the relay. The wiper is most likely a bad connection again, but rear wipers are massively easier to access than front one normally, and its £20/£30 from a breaker/swap the plug three bolts and a securing wiper nut, then a bit of mucking about with the wiper blade, and trim to get in and out. The fuel leak has too many variables, from a crack in a fuel line, to a trashed injection pump with many other options between. Its likely you could fix it in less time than you would spend in court.
  18. You are out of message storage space.
  19. Its the annual rip off students season for getting their deposits back. Where are you in the UK? Was your deposit part of a protected deposit scheme? Its worth adding that the LL does not need to make good any repairs that have been paid from deposits, as effectively you are compensating him for the loss in value through non wear and tear. Effectively this means the flat is less desirable and would command lower rent (although a cynic might say its just waiting for the same claims on deposits the following year). Also, did you think the deductions from the deposit were fair until you saw the work had not been done? Lastly, LLs get a tax relief of 10% of the gross rent to cover wear and tear. If you added this sum and the amount withheld on the deposit, do you think that is how much less the contents were worth?
  20. Put in another quote for the repair for £1k stating its from someone willing to do the work outside your business hours so you can continue using the van. The scrap rate is quite high now too as I remember.
  21. Unfortunately the "new law" lowers the price for standard roaming calls to 29p. The 68p you state (which I thought would have been higher) is a premium rate call, and differs from the 29p call in that it has a higher termination cost and forwards money to the owner of that number (which is why it was called so often). There is clearly a problem here - have you thought about copying your complaint to... Ombudsman Services: Communications PO Box 730 Warrington WA4 6WU Phone: 0845 050 1614 Textphone: 0845 051 1513 http://www.os-communications.org Email: enquiries@os-communications.org (It's so reassuring they use 0845 numbers for mobiles!!!) AND http://consumers.ofcom.org.uk/tell-us/telecoms/ Lastly, you state you are American. If you are not intending to return to the UK for long, then if Vodafone are happy to pay out on this [problem], I trust you are equally happy to leave the debt in the UK with them!
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