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  1. Regarding CCTV - you know the exact reason your bouncer tape was uavailable - as few offer self incriminating evidence. When police shot the south amerian guy on the underground - all the videos that day disappeared too. From this - the car park tapes will be checked first to see if its best to lose you or the parking attendants.
  2. Name 'n shame? I certainly would not want to deal with them based upon your experience! I'm in bed on my phone incase you did name them - as its not really the easiest way to take all info in.
  3. They are not fraudulent, but try to create a contract with the driver by virtue of the sign. However, they can only find out from the DVLA who owns the car and not the person who drove it there that day (who would be the contracting party to the terms on the sign). If the sign fell off - there could be no contract, as presumably that is what happened to the closer ones. Alternately if there was no reasonably visible sign, then they could sue the driver for their loss - which starts getting even further from reality. So in reality - just a way to try to scare people into thinking they owe money against a background of spiralling charges.
  4. These things are scams. They rely upon sending the registered keeper of the car a bill, when if they could charge anything based on their notices on the wall, the contract for this fee would be with the driver. So even if its videoed, they don't know if the woman parking badly is the registered keeper, and basically just hope they can scare someone into paying. This only applies to private parking "fines" and not government issued parking tickets.
  5. The wording on many contracts automatically ends the contract if one contracting party becomes bankrupt. I would suspect you would be best asking the bank first, as the details are read by financial institutions, and its better coming from you and there being a chance they will be happy to keep you, or restart another account after, than it appearing that you tried to keep it from them.
  6. Really looking for something fairly basic - no overdrafts or credit cards etc I don't want/need them - but must be able to pay standing orders, gas, electricty, mobile etc. I might even forget a mobile contract, as three times in the past errors went against me and took years to sort - and I am looking for an easy life by reducing the potential things that can go wrong as I don't want the hassle. I have a couple of bank accounts from years ago, but they now seem to have become so basic they are close to unusable through not being used for years and having been replaced by the most limited accounts when the ones I had ceased to be offered. All are in good standing and none were ever hit with charges, but only have a couple of hundred in them, as one was used for internet purchases while I was abroad, and the other no longer supports online payments so has a balance under a tenner as I took the rest out from the machine. I currently have a foreign bank account that too is in good standing. I was slightly tempted by some of the monthly fee accounts that offer travel insurance/breakdown cover/gadget insurance for about a tenner a month - but from my previous experience of rip-off Britain suspect these might only look good on paper. Do you know better? I don't want to go near Barclays, as they were the bank from hell in the past and I am still waiting for a SAR request they declined to furnish as they had it stored on microfilm and not in a computer, from before I left the UK, for payments they made to internet companies after I cancelled, failing to pay money between accounts with telephone banking when it meant it would generate a charge, and associated charges to these failings. So once bitten, twice shy. What bank would you recommend, even if its the case of the lesser of two evils, as my current bank (with a fixed ?0.8 euro? charge per month is brilliant but does not do sterling accounts?
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