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  1. If your windows key gets problems - then apart from being sad enough to use windows, a solution can often be found here... Do a google search on 'belarc advisor current profile' and the product you want in quotes, such as 'windows vista professional'. Belarc Advisor audits software on a machine, creating a webpage as the result. Google then innocently indexes this, enabling keys to be searched. Knowledgeable types are known to then look for the suffix of multiple corporate keys to repair failed key issues. Dunno if it still works as I've not used it in years.
  2. Harry is a complete a**ehole as its well documented gingers should cover up before going in the sun! Anyway, the French and Russian approach saved a fortune, and remember "we are all in this together". My main concern is that tory MP Aidan Burley will now feel he has to have a picture taken too with his kit off. It seems the Chpipendales have offered Harry a job. But then again, Royals are weirdly often offered positions where they are massively under qualified. Friends of the royals have complained that it was immoral that girl taking the photograph and earning a tonne of money just for being in the right place with her legs apart. Weirdly Harry seems to receive favour and funding for a similar situation 27ish years ago with the queen. Lastly, to see how good the royals are at hiding things - look up any royal on wikipedia and they were among the earliest entries created. Now look up Lord Linley, and his never appeared until about 4 years ago. There was nothing in the UK press about anything then - but loads in the foreign press but I guess going further might risk breaking a superinjunction.
  3. So if he's a normal bloke - why do the British people have to pay so much to give him the flash lifestyle?
  4. English law - you are an "Excluded Tenant" and have minimal rights and I'm reasonably sure this excludes deposit protection. As a landlord, livingroom, or in shared flats bedroom carpets only last on average four years, and are normally destroyed rather than wearing out. Based on this its best buying cheap carpets, as they will never wear out. Candle burns will destroy a carpet, and while decent heavy pile carpets could be repaired, cheap ones generally cannot. As for prices, I replaced a carpet in a small single room a couple of months ago and it cost £20 to buy with me fitting it myself. How big was the room (the larger the size, the price increases exponentially as you cannot buy off-cuts for the job)? The carpet I fitted was actually good quality, but if damaged it would be cheaper to replace.
  5. If there was no written tenancy agreement, did the LL tell you before you moved in that you were responsible for council tax? Is your LL and property registered here? http://www.landlordregistrationscotland.gov.uk
  6. It's not "guilt" it's civil. You have lost your NCB as you claimed, you now need to fix it so that is reinstated.
  7. Basically the need court orders for virtually everything they will try - but will try to bully you into into permitting access to remove goods, or try to force their way in. To see what the situation is for each item, can you list how long the agreement was for, and what percentage you are through that period? The reason for this is it changes the way the law sees your position. There is also a read at this - as it gives a good picture of Brighthouse, and will enable you to ask more specific questions so we can get a better result for you. http://www.consumerwiki.co.uk/index.php/Brighthouse_Fact_Sheet Never speak to them at the door, and never on the phone unless you can record it. You are permitted to ask for all correspondence in writing (which makes it really difficult for them to lie when it can be proven), and you may want to send them a recorded delivery letter stating you require this immediately. The work on bullying and ignorance of the law, and you have access to all the information you need now.
  8. Normally a bump only puts your NCB back by two years from what it was at the start of the policy. Sadly insurance companies tend to work that way, although you can have your NCB backdated and receive the overpayments back. However, this means its unlikely that you would have taken out the best policy for your circumstances, given the refund on your actual policy will work out paying more than the best policy at the time had you remained with your original NCB. You could rush things by calling the woman, and telling her as she is holding things back, she needs to tell her insurance company as you will be otherwise taking her to court.
  9. You need a licence if you are watching a programme as its transmitted, or rather its being received by your equipment as its transmitted, so includes DVD recorders, videos, etc too. If you were watching a DVD, other recording, using it as a monitor for a computer/security purposes, then it does not require to be licensed. So do you need one or not? Its worth remembering the guy at the door works on commission, so little things like the truth are easily forgotten or distorted so they get their money. Often anything they say will be to make you do/say/write something rather than having anything to do with the law/honesty/helpfulness.
  10. Debt can be chased for 5 years after the last payment in a Scottish court, and for six years in an English court. The debt dies at that 5 years in Scotland, but lives on as a debt that cannot be chased in court in England, but they can still write, telephone, moan etc. So its SB, providing no payments have been made in this time. The jurisdiction is that of the defender/defendant once they have lived there for ?3 months? so had the debt not been SB then it would be your current location, presumably England as you are listed as the defendant. When you state "court letter", what exactly do you mean? There are two possible reasons... One is they are chancing it you will not show and being undefended they will win. The second is its not actually what it appears to be, and just a frightener. Take a read over the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, as if you feel they are Harassing you, you can state why in any letters to Arr0w Glob4l, Trading Standards, and the OFT.
  11. This thread is just so funny in so many senses and on so many levels!
  12. Foreign travel will expand your kids education far more than the couple of weeks they can catch up at school with later. If the school are stroppy about it, then the education they themselves offer is potentially as dubious.
  13. Even after your work 'deal' with it you can tell the police. It will be far easier for them as its entirely documented by then. Personally, it would be annoying me if it had made me doubt my own actions. You will probably find out a bit about him once things start at work - so if he's broke with kids let it pass, but if not I'd also be looking for my money back & a good donation to a charity (or web site - wink wink) to prevent starring on Youtube.
  14. VF have an agent here called 'Lee'. He should catch this, or someone not on a mobile can tell him there is yet another VF mess up for him/her to have a shot at.
  15. Aye, give anyone with **** for brains a reflective vest or utility belt and they think they rule the world.
  16. It only applies to social/HA tenants.
  17. A dealer is not obliged to tell you problems with a vehicle, but should tell you what they are aware of if asked. Regarding MOTs, while even VOSA seldom entertain complaints after 28 days from a test - they will investigate if related to corrosion for up to tree months as it cannot appear quickly. Call them - even for the parts they can't look at they will be interested to hear. Call them on 0300 123 9000.
  18. If you travel often get an annual policy covering you for any car hire excesses. They start at about £70 but normally have high cash back rates.
  19. I thought that initially too, but the claimant never mentioned the site - going directly for the OP. Despite this, having a good read through the T&C of the site would be beneficial if they decline to assist with a copy of their correxpondence with the claimant. I suspect the claimant will be an internet warrior and reality will be a challenging concept. They work on the premise they cannot be touched in real life. Play him at his own game by seeing how long he was on the site, and asking for copies of his tax returns for the period substantiating his profit and so the loss associated with removal. I'm sure his anonymity will extend to HMR&C.
  20. It's their entire MO in question. Fair enough it wont state it in their manuals, but its their de facto to ensure results. They will also be aware it's on here, which lessens the chance of 'sorry, the guys were new, you just keep the stuff' get out, with the chances of the police perspective pushing the stakes far further.
  21. It sounds bad. His letter should list his professional body. Call them and ask their perspective, which you then must mention in your next letter to him. Failing that - call round the profession bodies asking if he is a member. You can also get someone else to call him 'looking for an accountant' and ask (taping is advisable). Do you know where he lives or if he appears to have assets?
  22. You have nothing to lose from calling a couple of Scottish solicitors and asking to be put through 'to see if the can do anything for you, as its not straight forward'. It will give you the view if the sheriff acted unreasonably & if its viable to fix.
  23. Have you spoken to another lawyer to get their perspective?
  24. For years MSPs have published their expenses. Every one I looked at had claimed for a TV licence.
  25. Window cleaners need a licence. Yet this offers a far greater risk so should offer at least equal protections.
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