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  1. I can't see Ed making it to PM, well, not that Ed anyway. Labour have become too right wing, and to replace one clueless to$$er from Oxbridge with another? Actually, who are the socialist party now in the UK?
  2. They cannot do that. Even as sad as the UK has become, its unlikely they would try.
  3. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/OwningAVehicle/Motorinsurance/DG_186696?CID=Continuous_Insurance&PLA=DM&CRE=Furl
  4. At 18 years old its old enough to get a council house itself! Yes it's statute barred - so they cannot chase you for it. However, the issue seems to they are declining to admit you to their housing list for this old debt. If you are in Scotland, then it is as if the debt never existed and so they cannot hold it against you. South of the wall it is only no longer persuable in court but still owed, so technically they may be able to keep you off the housing list (although surely they must have some internal procedure that limits how long you can be kept from a housing list for an ancient debt).
  5. Wandering a bit, but when O2 had ?36? hours of no service, I was with Giffgaff (running on O2). I had bought an O2 phone with 100ukp discount thinking I could use it at once, but get it unlocked later to use elsewhere. After buying it I was getting prices of 30-50ukp to unlock and the unlockers were saying it would take days and could not guarantee it would remain unlocked. So O2 apologised for their unsatisfactory service in a press release. Using their own admission, I pointed out my phone (not used with their company) was now of unsatisfactory quality as it was locked to a network who by their own admission had provided an unsatisfactory service. After a bit of arguing, they agreed to unlock it free. Anyway returning to your scenario, should you not also all be seeking refunds for the time they have left your area without coverage?
  6. If its as bad as you make it sound - and the sim has been replaced, is there any chance the phone is having issues? Does it work well anywhere? Shove your postcode in here, as it will show you where the masts are, then try standing at a window looking in the direction of the nearest O2 mast. http://www.sitefinder.ofcom.org.uk/search
  7. Its an arbitrary number and discount, but remember 20%, 33% or 50% discount to FA still leaves FA.
  8. Its fairly logical it will be people whose TVs they see through windows but denying having TVs who will be the ones they chase with warrants, as its unlikely to make financial sense to let pass ones they can see with TVs but chase those who make things difficult for them (appearing to be) on protest grounds. The thing is chased by fear, and you are listing a statistic issued by the BBC that makes you fear for your privacy - so not much of a change in policy there from the people with the main interest!
  9. Very few warrants are applied for, as its a cost to them, and they need to have grounds stating why they believe a TV is being used. Lying to obtain a warrant is contempt of court (best example being they claimed to have seen a TV lighting the curtains "matching some TV programme". Warrant was granted, and house visited to find a family of Amish people with no electricity. They are in it to make money by persecuting/harassing people to pay, so paying out money is not high on their list. Besides, the entire warrant concept is dated, as it was procedure to catch people with TVs when TVs were only used as TVs. What they need to find now is a TV with a sky/antenna connection. If you are not using a TV (etc) as a TV receiver, you have nothing to lose.
  10. For Scots Law its the Sheriff Ct. I checked and counterclaims were introduced when the limit went from 750ukp to 3000ukp. I think there is a strong possibility if it did go to court and you attempted to defend, if you lost you there's a high chance you would have "assessed expenses" awarded, which are basically the actual fees a solicitor would charge for attending court outwith the small claims scheme. In addition to this there is an additional hearing to set the level of the expenses, which again attracts more fees and the proof (at least) attracts fees for waiting until the case is heard (on the day). One other thing that may be worth looking into, is if the laws of agency apply to the advice you were given.
  11. This is quite interesting as we have eight flights between us that are likely to fall into this category - time to check I think, although I remember getting emails saying there would be a charge due to changes in airport fees. But the card took a hammering as we were travelling, so I am not too sure where the balance stands, and I only get 6 monthly statements.
  12. It's a pet hate when people quote the Highway Code as the law, as IT'S NOT. However, its contents can be used as a defence to any motoring offence. This is covered in the 1988 RTA s38 ss7... http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1988/52/section/38
  13. Unless it has changed in the last few years, there is no counterclaim in the Scottish small claims procedure, its a new claim. Its also likely that they will say you never earned as you were crap at selling. Being small claims, its limited what they can receive back in fees if/when they win, unless you fail to defend, or offer a dubious defence (you pretty much acted as if the agreement had been signed and if not took their goods without payment).
  14. A wee summary as mentioned elsewhere on how I stopped them after realising being nice to them and letting them look in the livingroom just meant they continued sending letters and revisiting as I may have bought a TV since then. 1. Remove their right of access using the same technique for DCA doorsteppers, and get their confirmation in writing that they will no longer visit. 2. Tell them you have no TV (the link's on their site) which triggers the automated response saying they will visit to confirm you have no TV (its weird that they want to visit to check you have no TV, given its its use that would be taxable).. 3. Be affronted in writing at their contracting themselves. 4. Submit a FOI request with each complaint regarding their sending you any letter. Result:- Silence!
  15. What a con!!! If the Job Centre or police take no interest, tell a newspaper as suddenly its of more interest if the first two "solutions" failed. Telling your MP too might be of use, especially as this type of event seems far more likely given Job Centres pushing rather than assisting people into work (no offence to those working there). You might also want to mention it to.... 04802806 APEX CLEANING (LONDON) LTD 04471955 APEX CLEANING SERVICES LTD 04660239 APEX CLEANING SERVICES (WALES) LIMITED 08180669 APEX CLEANING SOLUTIONS LTD 07878462 APEX CLEANING (UK) LIMITED ...whose details may come up here... http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/db171d29b9edff5ccb2cfb4bf8a0be0f/companysearch?disp=1&frfsh=1347839762result ...then click on the number. If that does not work as the link posted may be timed, then search with the number here for the contact details for each organisation after clicking on "Search company information". Real companies with that name are more likely to be interested in their name being abused. http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/toolsToHelp/WCInfo.shtml
  16. 1. It has nothing to do with you. 2. If you do reply - it's taken as you shouting "I am a worried sucker". - This will result in your son receiving a ton of mail as they received a reply, and see it as a weakness to your being susceptible to falling for their con to pay them they are not entitled to. 3. There is no "offence". 4. Because there is a sign saying something, it does not mean it is the law or definitely forms a contract. As an example - had the sign said "drive in here and your mum must show us her knickers" would you still be as willing to play their game? They are looking for suckers who scare, you are scared upon your son's behalf. Don't let him become their target through you being silly (albeit trying to help).
  17. If the worst comes to the worst - I had a slightly better battery replaced in Costco that went in in 2008. I have been out the UK most of the time, and the car had not been used before summer for over three years. http://seekpart24.com/bosch/starter-battery-92s50070 Same capacity but this has slightly higher cold cranking. Criteria Hold-down Type: B13 Voltage: 12 V Cold-test Current, EN: 750 A Battery Capacity: 74 Ah Pole Positions Length: 278 mm Width: 175 mm Height: 175 mm Terminal Type: 1 £71 in Costco, five year warrranty, and Bosch. Just found it in Halfords - £43 more! http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/HalfordsProductDetailsLiteView?storeId=10001&langId=-1&productId=780251&cm_sp=Intelligent_Offer-_-Product_Details_Zone_2-_-Blank&iozone=PDPz2&TB_iframe=true&TB_C_ID=productdetails&TB_C_TITLE=Bosch%20Silver%20Car%20Battery%20HSB010&width=800
  18. As far as I remember it would depend on the status of the account. Most joint accounts are considered shared equally, but can have "tenant in common" status where the percentage of ownership is specified.
  19. SOGA - until the goods are six months old - it falls upon the supplier to prove the goods were not defective when bought.
  20. Yes, and everyone looks so much like their passport photo. I look like a pensioner in mine and was in my thirties when it was taken!
  21. 'a friend'? ;-) Ebay in Jamaica is full of 'reducers'!
  22. Submit a written complaint about the message & its sender. The reply should be interesting.
  23. Are the innards of the battery a collection of '18650' cells, or is it more like a one piece car battery?
  24. Can't think of any reason other than using the legimitimacy associated with court as a cover to get a signature for dodgy purposes. I see no harm in complying, scanning the background from a passport etc to recreate a signature box, then sign the Latin for 'Your wig is so obvious' or something similar, & await its appearance as a production.
  25. Can't think of any reason other than using the legimitimacy associated with court as a cover to get a signature for dodgy purposes. I see no harm scanning the background from a passport etc to recreate a signature box, then sign the Latin for 'Your wig is so obvious' or something similar, & await its appearance as a production.
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