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  1. You dont really know if it was that van, as it could have left & whoever tried to park there next did it. I'd say the door is more likely to be written off by someone parking rather than somone driving away. Is there any paint left by the vehicle that did the damage - cops can identify vehicles from the top coat/undercoat combination, although they normally prefer drinking tea to doing this. Other than that all you could do would be shove a large notice on your car, and parking it where it was hit, asking if anyone saw anything. Cheapest fix is the same coloured door on a similarly aged car from a breaker, as it will have faded/changed the same as yours (newly painted doorskins can look obvious for a long time). You only need to match the paint as the interior/lock/mirror/drop glass can be swapped. Doing that would be likely to cost less than your excess, be less detectable, and save your NCB.
  2. I have no idea if this is true. However, the ?170? foodbanks set up in the UK in the last year smacks of Dickensian workhouse politics. If someone able bodied needs to get food this way, its better than starving, but not indicative of a perceived elgalitarian democracy. What if the hungry punter is disabled but found by ATOS to leap tall buildings in a single bound & stop speeding trains etc, yet cannot make a trip over/out of town to a foodbank? Some senior bible thumper from ?Hull? a few years ago had suggested those starving awaiting benefits should shoplift from rich stores, and with Sainsbury's donating to the tories (albeit hacked off with Gideon's recent spoutings) I know where I would be heading if I was a weak person ensconced in that sitch. Had the scenario been verbatim, there's always going to be some toaster (euphemism) claims the cost of preventing death is too high. But then they are probably just worried their benefits might be reduced to accommodate, as no normal/working/decent person could value life so low.
  3. OK, windows7 starter finds paragraphs a challenging concept!!!!
  4. I noticed the benchmark for the N2800 Atom processor was more than that of my twin Xeon hyperthreading 2.4ghz server from the last decade. So the N2800 supports 4 gig (although windows starter only accesses 2 of that) and an SSD can be swapped in. The N2800 only uses 6.5W including graphics, although its 2W max fan runs most of the time at half speed~(1W?). Its smaller brother uses only 3.5W (often fan free machines) but only supports 2 gig with a third slower graphics (though both are full HD video compliant). So mine now has a 1.35V 4gig stick, and Ubuntu dual boot (which is buggy on Linux as I have done nothing to fix it yet). Eight hours running is not a problem with the six cell battery, often more. Next plans are a 480/512gig SSD which I suspect may go sub £200 at new year, 64bit windows, and 3G/GPS in the available slot. Its windows score presently is 3.4 with the main restriction being the games/business graphics. It seems accessing a faster drive can up the graphics to 3.5, but as its irrelevant to me it serves little purpose other than mentioning. Its an HP Mini (I normally stick with Asus, but they have upgrade issues), and it seems a 1366 x 768 screen was available to the american market- although I am quite happy with the 1024 x 600 as a travel PC. The higher res offers little more than curiosity presently. A lit keyboard would be nice, as the poundland USB light bar is too bright. £7 for a car charger also makes £20 for a small motorcycle battery power source an idea for over a week of use away from the mains (I do sleep). Its an HP Mini 4000 series. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  5. I cannot help wondering if the EConvHR offers free movement of workers, and there was all that tory crap previously about tebbit claiming people needed to get on their bikes to find work, if going to another nation to find work would permit an ECHR compliant objection from the UK. Lets face it, cameron has been happy enough to ignore EU law in the past, so could it be that its the UK breaking the law rather than those who travel where premited, which should be without any impediment as a deterrence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_movement_for_workers
  6. I have replied to you 17 times, have you not received my messages? . . . . . ---------------------------------------------------------- This post was made using Microsoft Paranoia Pro
  7. I dont see the tory's next traunch of persecution coming into effect. I suspect the libs will finally kick the feet from under them following a string of increasing protests with a hope of entering the next election with a fleck of dignity. Labour are as right wing as the tories were pre maggie. Greens probably are not as unviable as stated as they work in mainland EU where benefits in UK like countries are far higher. UKIP sits between tories & EDL (short hair cut bovver boot brigade - the EDL - UKIP wear suits but harbour watered down ideas & probably get more funding per politician from business than Labour) The Pirate Party is making a dent in mainland EU as a left wing/lessening buisiness powers party.
  8. I can see your point the contract being regarded as ended by you, but did you keep the sim in the phone/keep charging it/take it abroad with you? Have I misread this or were you hoping to still receive calls?
  9. Its not going to say in the instruction to test all water flows out as its pretty much common sense, just as its unlikely to be mentioned in bath instructions to fit so as the water will run out at the plug end. As for buying a shower and then their arguing about individual parts - the case law covering it was about a carpet being suppolied & fitted but only supplied with an entire refund being awarded when it was stolen before fitted (with you its two parts regarded as one contract & unrelated to fitting). I'm on my phone on the train so cannot look it up quickly.
  10. Out on a wing a bit - but you are suffering due to VFs incorrect data. Call the ICO to see what they suggest. It might go no where, but you might get someone to see your phone/you are potentially proxies for each other. Also, for Lee, do you think the time this is taking is acceptable? What would happen if someone failed to pay VF for this long? Is there any reason things should go massively slower when the roles are reversed?
  11. Have you considered registering a company called F**k Off Ltd to reply upon your behalf? It's rip off Britain's scare you into paying money routine, and by replying they see you as a bothered soft touch who's likely to worry so much that you'll pay them.
  12. You are probably best starting a tread of your own about this, as many more people are likely to see it. A mod might do it for you.
  13. If appearing to post as/on behalf of betterware, your ID first needs to be confirmed you are or have the authority to act upon the behalf of betterware. I am sure you can see the reasons for this. A mod/CAG will contact you regarding this.
  14. Seems a bit daft for someone associated with a raft of doorstepping, even after receiving removal of right of access to take action promoting the location of his own doorstep to those his company bothered. He clearly wont mind if anyone visits.
  15. I really think its about time there is a Malicious Consumer Group set up, where we treat the rip off britain merchants in an identical fashion to how they try to treat us. Everything is unpoliced, or at best policed by slow toothless lions, and its about time someone makes these con artists activities unviable.
  16. Could you not have implicated someone generally disliked in your pointless letter to them? ITS A RACKET - THEY JUST WANT MONEY BY SCARING YOU!!!!!!!!!! Also - if you do feel compelled to entertain them by replying to their letters etc, remember to forget a stamp.
  17. To be a pain, ask for her contract of employment and holiday pay due.
  18. If changing the locks, just doing the Yale is far easier to do/swap back. She just sounds like an old dear who misses her house and wants to mother someone. But you need to draw the line before it reaches the breast feeding stage!!!!!! :wink:
  19. Don't spoil things by delivering it in a cup! )) Sorry, they hacked me off with letters and visits, when I don't like/have a TV.
  20. The Beast of Bolsover! About Easter, cameron was spouting about his disgust at tax havens, yet his dad made a fortune from them. Within days Ed pulled a similar, claiming there needed to be a restriction on foreign workers/immigrants to the UK. The hypocritical parallel being his Belgian/Polish recent ancestry. Ed and cameron hardly have a chin between them! Also, I might be wrong, but was it not the other Ed (Balls) whose wife introduced the Atos Healthcare testing for disabled folk?
  21. If they visit, you are under no obligation to permit access, or if you want you can "remove their statutory right of access" which means they commit a trespass if visiting.
  22. Cruise ships effectively are treated as a non EU roaming agreement, as its their own network you use, and can be set at silly rates. Its not VF who set this, and they would be unaware of any specific rate charged per ship. The Euro Traveller package would only be of use if you set the phone to make manual connections to the mobile masts you were near, excluding your (or any other) ship. So really only of use if ashore or a max of 18/20 miles from the coast (think tall mast on high cliffs). For next time if you have net access the cheapest call rates would be VOIP. I wish you luck with VF, but as I suspect they will be passing most of the charges to your cruise company, then there is not a lot of room for reducing charges.
  23. With the change in the law, I wonder how long this cowboy company might be around for? Under the laws of agency, you could have a claim against the car park owners too.
  24. There is no need to TV Licensing to send anyone to your house unless you are happy with them visiting. Additionally, from what you say you do not need a licence. If your landlord is that clueless on that perspective of being a landlord, then it might make sense to check your type of tenancy agreement/where your deposit is being kept/if you have gas in the house if there is a current safety inspection certificate....
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