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  1. Something like this happened to me one night - I was driving along carefully as usual - when I was hit by an unlit tree coming in the other direction!!
  2. I can't help wondering how often that happens. Was a real DoB given (or required)? If not I bet every Jose Garcia and Johan Smitt must get a right grilling each time from the UKBA. Actually have the tories not replaced the UKBA uniform with shorts and a tshirt, as even they know the UKBA are incapable of even catching a cold?
  3. Its party true but largely scaremongering. The UK wont fix its crisis by blaming the victims of the crisis, nor can it fix the economy by narrowing it while hpping it will expand. I am out the UK/EU now. Money made in the UK is paid to a management company elsewhere in the EU - so the profit is now there. The tax is slightly higher, but I am more comfortable my tax now funds a true socialist system rather than a shower of clueless *******.
  4. Before you take it further, leave the feedback "Car was junk and ebayer is actually dealer who in this ID sold 8 cars last year", then tell him if you dont see your money back the following day you will send all the details to HMR&C who can hit him far harder than you ever will in court. Also check any other cars outside the garage to see if they are listed under other ebay IDs. Remember to add your 200quid for costs inconvenience.
  5. Where are you in the UK? Also - push Trading Standards to act, and mention to the dealer you intend to report his activity to HMR&C as they are the ones who would cost him many multiples more than your car ever could.
  6. "Can't pay - Wont pay" protests returning to the streets again after over twenty years I guess. If Sainsbury's donate to the tories, and the tories left me unable to buy food - I know where I'd be shopping!
  7. As it happened in a petrol station... 1. It might be taped 2. The entrance/exit signs are likely to be advisory rather than traffic signs depending upon where it happened and who owns it. 3. The highway code is likely to be irrelevant too. Had a car hit a stationary car on private ground, then my money would be on the fault lying with the car who drove into the other car. You might also want to suggest she avoids fairground dodgems if so easily injured.
  8. You have six years in England until a debt (if there is one) is statute barred. If they accepted you after your telling them your age then the agreement is likely to be void. However, there is always the "holding themselves out as an adult" slant which is normally used for minors running businesses in an adult capacity; or they might claim your application contained a misrepresentation, so it might be worthwhile seeing it again.
  9. Might any of these grants cover you? http://www.which.co.uk/energy/creating-an-energy-saving-home/guides/energy-grants/free-insulation-deals/ If so, you might even work out a deal you can get some insulation done for him if he fixes up what's annoying you.
  10. The postcode is wrong - its PA11 - and its actually in Quarriers Village, near but apart from Bridge of Weir. I'd been back in the UK on and off about ?30-36? months ago, and a DCA had sent letters to what I guess was everyone with my last name (which is forgein and not common). I cannot remember their name - but it may have been something like "Zinc" & I think they had no licence. I obtained the addresses of the directors and popped round to see them. One was Castlemilk ?Ave/Drive? in the south of Glasgow (looked like empty council flat) and the one you list was the other. It was a new build white house with either an Audi in the drive or neighbour's drive. No one was in and the neighbour said it was empty (which it obviously wasn't) then that they were on holiday. It might be fruitful if someone with an interest takes a look at their history here. I am just occasionally lurking here now, as I moved out the UK again, and there is no internet access at the house I am building. However, having injured my knee carrying flooring up to the loft, I am having an easy life for a couple of weeks while it fixes, and there's access here.
  11. TV detector vans are just a mobile warning advert, nothing else.
  12. It a long time since I had dealings with the DHSS/DSS as the DWP were known then, and even then only in the capacity as a CAB advisor. To me what you say sounds reasonable, so I could only suggest you ask someone from the DWP how you could make them be more comfortable with your relationship. I feel the angle you should push would be they're pespective points to the unviable requirement that a contractor should rent/buy property to date you. See what they suggest.
  13. If he ised a mailbox/PO box it may lessen the connection. While I can see the perspective of those here saying yours is his main address - it effective amounts to the DWP saying women in receipt of benefits should do the obvious thing if dating building/haulage contractors etc.
  14. Why does a car insurance company check your file if you are not using credit?
  15. If you do reply, remember to forget a stamp. Also, I'm sure the driver that day was a mr d cameron, 10 do...
  16. After their last mess up they apologised for the 'unsatisfactory service' - & I got them to unlock my O2 mobile (never used directly on O2, only Giffgaff) as it was unsatisfactory being locked on the self confessed unsatisfactory O2 service. So there's more room to work now.
  17. The UK is now a nation run for the benefit of potentially political funding companies & not people. Sadly even many of the slow of thinking poorly paid/unwaged have signed up for the suckerline propaganda.
  18. The entire 'hard worker' role model is a con from the contemporary establishments who benefit. Starting as far back as it was more difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than a camel to pass through the eye of a needle - you just had to work hard to book your seat looking down on your employers burning in the basement. Communism happily adopted the old religious con with the concept of 'Udarnik'. http://Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Udarnik And now the tories roll out the same tripe. But all non central establishments need their scapegoats, no better example than Orwell's Goldstein - but written in 1948 that national nemesis had to have been prompted by hitler's jews. The commies had their gulags to house their unwanted lumpen proletariat as enemies of the state. So now the UK has its unemployed & disabled to blame, an easy finger to point as they are mutually exclusive with the hard workers needed for the UKs next great five year plan. Anyway, disableds can't put up much of a fight, & although hitler gassed many for disabilities as mild as deafness - no one really pushes this as hard as the jewish attrocity as disableds have a lower profile and by the very nature of disabilty are often less able to defend themselves. So if cuts need to be made, why did tax fall from 50% to 45% for top line UK? Why are G4S getting loadsa government contracts after screwing up on the Olympics (and did they still get their full fee?). Might a cynic say it was an obviously entirely unrelated G4S £1.5m donation to a political party? So when looking after you mates, it's handy to have 'all in it together' lines as well as scapegoats. Returning to the 'hard workers', there are three types. 1. Self employed (including those mainly commission earning 2. Those who love their job, & do it without even feeling they work hard. 3 Suckers (who if really hard working can easily make the transition to 1.) There are also the pseudo hard workers who use it as an excuse to pontificate - which is so easy for even someone thick as $hit, given the present govenment/tabloid back up material. In the past the same types would be identifying witches, pointing out gypsies & jews, or fingering those clearly responsible for 'thought crime'. Anyway, I'm disgusted with the current situation in the UK. I cant see why in a slump its the unemployed's fault for having no jobs. I cant see why foodbanks are expanding in a developed country. I cant see why disabled folk whose doctors may have taken months to diagnose problems before issuing a sick line - can be deemed fit in 30 mins by a nurse. I can't see why pressganging people to work for free during high unemployment serves any purpose other than masking true unemployment figures and perhaps even to be the sweetener to prompt a political donation from the companies who benefit. It's amazing how those who rant on about immigrants 'taking jobs' don't seem as bothered by these jobs lost to de facto unpaid labour.
  19. Amazon prime can be refunded after they take payment if it has not been used. I read it in the T&C when looking to cancel mine recently.
  20. The heater not getting hot points to there being too little coolant for it to circulate to the heater matrix. This normally points to the vehicle not being maintained, or a blown head gasket replacing coolant with air. From cold take the cap off, replace it, run the engine for 2 mins and rev it a couple of times, stop it, and take the cap off again. If is shoots water, hisses loudly, or has considerable pressure, then the head has blown. Its very unlikely there will be hot coolant, especially if you have added any, but using a towel reduces any risk if you have not followed things exactly. This also wont detect every blown gasket, as some may only blow after warmed up etc.
  21. I would reject the car immediately, but discuss with them what they can do to end that rejection (in writing in the first instance explaining your full reasons for rejection). It prevents them dragging things then claiming you cannot subsequently reject.
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