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  1. Something like this happened to me one night - I was driving along carefully as usual - when I was hit by an unlit tree coming in the other direction!!
  2. I can't help wondering how often that happens. Was a real DoB given (or required)? If not I bet every Jose Garcia and Johan Smitt must get a right grilling each time from the UKBA. Actually have the tories not replaced the UKBA uniform with shorts and a tshirt, as even they know the UKBA are incapable of even catching a cold?
  3. Its party true but largely scaremongering. The UK wont fix its crisis by blaming the victims of the crisis, nor can it fix the economy by narrowing it while hpping it will expand. I am out the UK/EU now. Money made in the UK is paid to a management company elsewhere in the EU - so the profit is now there. The tax is slightly higher, but I am more comfortable my tax now funds a true socialist system rather than a shower of clueless *******.
  4. Before you take it further, leave the feedback "Car was junk and ebayer is actually dealer who in this ID sold 8 cars last year", then tell him if you dont see your money back the following day you will send all the details to HMR&C who can hit him far harder than you ever will in court. Also check any other cars outside the garage to see if they are listed under other ebay IDs. Remember to add your 200quid for costs inconvenience.
  5. Where are you in the UK? Also - push Trading Standards to act, and mention to the dealer you intend to report his activity to HMR&C as they are the ones who would cost him many multiples more than your car ever could.
  6. "Can't pay - Wont pay" protests returning to the streets again after over twenty years I guess. If Sainsbury's donate to the tories, and the tories left me unable to buy food - I know where I'd be shopping!
  7. As it happened in a petrol station... 1. It might be taped 2. The entrance/exit signs are likely to be advisory rather than traffic signs depending upon where it happened and who owns it. 3. The highway code is likely to be irrelevant too. Had a car hit a stationary car on private ground, then my money would be on the fault lying with the car who drove into the other car. You might also want to suggest she avoids fairground dodgems if so easily injured.
  8. You have six years in England until a debt (if there is one) is statute barred. If they accepted you after your telling them your age then the agreement is likely to be void. However, there is always the "holding themselves out as an adult" slant which is normally used for minors running businesses in an adult capacity; or they might claim your application contained a misrepresentation, so it might be worthwhile seeing it again.
  9. Might any of these grants cover you? http://www.which.co.uk/energy/creating-an-energy-saving-home/guides/energy-grants/free-insulation-deals/ If so, you might even work out a deal you can get some insulation done for him if he fixes up what's annoying you.
  10. The postcode is wrong - its PA11 - and its actually in Quarriers Village, near but apart from Bridge of Weir. I'd been back in the UK on and off about ?30-36? months ago, and a DCA had sent letters to what I guess was everyone with my last name (which is forgein and not common). I cannot remember their name - but it may have been something like "Zinc" & I think they had no licence. I obtained the addresses of the directors and popped round to see them. One was Castlemilk ?Ave/Drive? in the south of Glasgow (looked like empty council flat) and the one you list was the other. It was a new build white house with either an Audi in the drive or neighbour's drive. No one was in and the neighbour said it was empty (which it obviously wasn't) then that they were on holiday. It might be fruitful if someone with an interest takes a look at their history here. I am just occasionally lurking here now, as I moved out the UK again, and there is no internet access at the house I am building. However, having injured my knee carrying flooring up to the loft, I am having an easy life for a couple of weeks while it fixes, and there's access here.
  11. TV detector vans are just a mobile warning advert, nothing else.
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