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  1. On my last signing day, my knee locked before I was able to sign on, so I filled in a sickness form and this has been approved. I completed the date I will be well again to be the full 14 days as I wasn't sure how long my knee would take to feel strong again, I have a cartilage problem so once it locks once, it tends to do it again a few times before settling down. Now as I completed the date I will be well will be my next signing day - I completed sick from 3rd - 17th March My question is Do I have to go and sign on this day? Or do I miss it as technically I am still
  2. Its written on my JSA file that due to family problems I am unable to return to the area my father lives in for work so can't use this one
  3. Having read about work trials not sure I am eligible. Also as I have been referred to the MWA provider now would any work trial happen after I have completed MWA? Thanks
  4. Sorry another question. My dad has offered me a chance to go and stay with him for a couple of weeks while his new wife is away. Me and her don't get on so while she is away visiting her family is the only way I see him nowadays. Am I able to do this, it is in the UK and I can provide details of where I will be etc. What form would I need to complete? Also if it is allowed would any JSA payment be processed as normal or would I lose the money. Thanks again for the help
  5. I was told that as it was a business with paid staff and money exchanges hands for goods provided then it is not permitted. Thanks
  6. I have just spoken to my adviser who told me I am unable to take this as I am only able to volunteer for community or charity organisations. If I am unable to find a position in this area then a position will be found for me as I have now been referred to a provider for MWA. Is this correct what I have been told or can I still take this offer as it could lead to a job but not until I can prove myself to them. Thanks
  7. I am on the post work programme support and have been since August last year. At my last appointment by adviser told me that as it had been six months since I started post work programme support and because I hadn't work for so long and that was the reason I wasn't getting interviews that I would be referred for mandatory work activity. I was told that unless I could find my own voluntary placement I would be placed wherever who I was referred to could place me. I have catering qualifications that I have not used since I left catering college but have been offered a place in a local
  8. Not entitled to a crisis loan as I have been sanctioned, also not entitled to hardship in the 1st two weeks because I am not in a vulnerable group. Thanks for the suggestion though
  9. Sorry for posting again but need some more advice. My advisor at A4E faxed a reconsideration letter over yesterday for them to withdrawal the sanction, I phoned them a little while ago and have been told the sanction stands and will not be removed. She stated in her letter that I didn't receive my appointment letter, that I received my right to reply letter after the cut off date to respond, and that I had been referred to another agency for the work programme because of my depression and that sanctioning me she was concerned would cause my depression to come back. The man I spo
  10. She is running a business, and as such does not have time for me to go in every day. Plus she is not obliged to accept any of my post as technically any post I do get is not addressed to her.
  11. I am absolutely fuming now. Rang the number on the top of the letter on February 27th, the first day I could as I recieved the letter on a Saturday. I informed them that I had only just recieved it and was going to give a response, they made a note of this and when I asked if the sanction had been applied because the letter stated I had until February 21st to respond and I was told it hadn't. I returned the letter with my response on Tuesday and obtained proof of postage. I rang them again yesterday (5th March) to see if they received my response and I was told not yet, a note was
  12. Thanks for the help so far, hope others can help with other aspects
  13. Had a letter this morning saying I have been sanctioned for failing to attend an appointment with my advisor at A4E as I'm on the work programme. The letter I had from the decision makers was dated 10th February and gave me until 21st February to reply and say why I failed to attend. I live above a cafe and do not have a front door that is accessible by the Royal Mail and besides my front door does not have a letter box in it. I have to rely on the cafe taking in my post, and I am unable to collect it every day as she tells me to collect once a fortnight. An additional problem is t
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