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  1. A bit of background. I spent the last 8 months in a job that I adored working for a 3rd party catering company (catering for schools, offices etc). A couple of people in the office didn't me like so were in their right to have me removed (which they did) and although I was offered a part time position in a different venue I was offered a full time job with a different company. I was told by my manager I would get what I worked in July (2weeks), holiday owed and a months notice. We work a month in arrears so Junes wages are due this month as well as all of the above. I received a payslip through the post that only works out as months notice (which it states on the payslip), holiday and two weeks wages but not what I worked during June. I officially left on 19th July so I am wondering if they can use a months notice for June. I was salaried so I don't know if I would be entitled to full pay for June but the overtime I did isn't on the payslip either. Really worried because even though my new job is full time I am earning half of what I was getting so that extra money would be good as a safety net.
  2. Would never consider a payday loan I have one credit card I am paying off I don't need anymore debt. Once I get the decision from housing benefit I will take it from there.
  3. Change of circumstances is done whatever happens now is out of my control. Worked out I need £550 to cover the basic shortfall for the next two months so Christmas is going to be rubbish but we will see what happens
  4. I already get tax credits for me and the kids
  5. He can't touch the deposit its in some government scheme or bond. My landlord is a good guy and he's had a lot of problems with other tenants so I see why he won't. Depending when my work finishes today I am going to CAB and see what they say
  6. I am getting confused though all the benefits calculators say I am entitled to housing benefit but give me different amounts and the council tell me on the phone I am likely to get nothing but then say I am going to get something.
  7. Spoken with the council and there's noting I can do. My claim will be stopped and I won't get a discrenary housing payment because I won't be receiving housing benefit. What the hell am I supposed to do? I certainly can't afford to pay the rent for the next 2months
  8. I am expecting mu last pay on Dec 10th (about £350) and my new wages on 28th Dec but since I start next week and their pay month ends 15th of each month I will only get 2weeks wages (about £450)
  9. Just finished a 10-15 hour a week minimum wage job and have been offered a full time better paid job. I currently get £75 a week in housing benefit obviously this will stop but my concern is my last pay for mu old job will be really low and my new pay will also be low and won't be paid till the new year so I don't know how to handle this. I don't want to cheat the system but I have bills to pay and will not be able to afford them. I don't get any out of work benefits because I was meant to be doing 24hours a week at this old job
  10. just had a phonecall on my landline asking me to confirm some details I said ok (i was expecting a phone call about something anyway that would require some details) when he asked if where i was living I told him only for him to then go I'm so and so from something location services and we have a client who is trying to track you down I asked who was after me and he wouldn't say but asked to confirm an address I haven't lived at for almost 5 years. I said I couldn't remember he said ok and hung up. I googled the number and it was Wescott debt collection. The address he was after was one I had when I was a student in a different town to where I am living now and I did screw up financially while I was there. I had a hsbc overdraft and credit as well as a natwest overdraft and credit card. Now I have paid off the HSBC credit card and theNatwest overdraft a couple of years ago and the last payments I made on the other 2 were through a debt management service and the last payment that I made to them was January 2009 (I think). I didn't pay the last two off because I lost my job at the time so cancelled the management plan. I don't know which debt Westcot are after but do I need to be worried? especially now since I have stupidly confirmed my current address
  11. thanks for the advice I'm not a member of the union at work but the rep is just a mate of mine and he said that IF i were to quit i would still be entitled to smp from 11 weeks before due date (which is when I wanted to take my mat leave anyway) as I have worked my "qualifying week" (last week)
  12. just been told by a union rep friend from work that if i quit now i will still be entitled to smp. is this true? i don't want to quit i actually love my job i'm just not enjoying the un necessary stress i've had to put up with the past few weeks i am 26weeks pregnant btw
  13. I am 26weeks pregnant and I work in a pub within a station. One of the jobs I used to do was the busy kitchen shift on a sunday morning. I had a risk assessment on wednesday and me and the assessor decided that me being in a tiny unaired, hot sweltering room bending over a grill and fryer is probably not best in my situation (made worse by a leaky fridge). this went on my file and the manager was informed. Yesterday the member of staff that was meant to be covering the kitchen did not show up and that left me and a new member of staff not trained in the kitchen so I (as supervisor) decided not to open the kitchen as there no one to do food despite my effort via phone calls. It was my day off today and I get a phone call from the manager asking why I didn't do food yesterday. I stated that because of member of staff not showing etc there was no one able to do food. Apparently I told the member of staff not to come in yesterday (not true why would i do that knowing that sunday is busiest for food and without her there would be no one able to do food safely) and that the manager now wants a chart because I should have done the food as the business has now lost out on money. Hes making out that before I refuse to do anything that goes against the risk assessment that he would have had to speak to em about it. I have to talk to him on wednesday when I am next in I'm just worried about whether its me being in the wrong or if in fact I did the right thing?
  14. manager has already asked if i would like to be trained up in the admin area (stock take, rotas etc) and i said yes. my manager is a good bloke who likes me and has said he rather i didn't go on mat leave as i'm the best hes got but i'm a worrier so him saying he'd like have a discussion with me about my sicknesses has got me worried i could be sacked
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