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  1. Thank you everybody for your advice. In answer to your question, Mariner51, the smoke alarm is wired to the mains. Thanks Honeybee for moving me to the right forum. Thanks also to TheCarpet Cleaners for the advice regarding taking photographs. Also CC, the deposit IS protected so hopefully there will be no problem in having it returned. As a matter of interest if the previous tenant didn't professionally clean the carpet (after living there for a few years!) then presumably the landlord would have got it done, in which case surelyhe would have a receipt seeing as he is a business man. Wo
  2. Hi, I don't know if anyone can advise me here but I thought i'd ask the question anyway. My daughter is due to move out of her rented accommodation tomorrow and the landlord came round on Friday evening to say he wanted to do an inventory before she moves out and after she has moved out. This is the same landlord who said at the beginning of her tenancy that he would give her a few days to settle in and would come around to do the inventory with them. They even approached the Estate Agent who is supposed to be managing the property but to no avail. He also says that he wants the ca
  3. I think you misunderstood my post and, on looking at it again it was probably my grammar. I was asking whether I should also send a letter to MMF as it would appear, from the letter you received from them, that they are responding more quickly than Transcom. To date I still haven't heard from Transcom but will keep you posted if I have any news. On a slightly different matter and for information, I also sent the same letters to Lowells regarding an old debt and I received a letter yesterday where they agreed the debt was statute barred and have told me they will not be contacting me ag
  4. I'm hoping someone can advise me on here about what my daughter should do re a barclays account which was opened approximately 3 years ago. Initially she agreed to pay a £5 fee per month for insurance on her mobile phone but the account was never used. She had a telephone call a few weeks after opening the account and told the caller that she didn't want to have the £5 fee added each month because she got insurance elsewhere and they said they would do that. As I said earlier she has never ever used the account yet has been issued with a statement showing that she owes approximately £200 wh
  5. Thanks for your advice. I am sending a letter, enclosing a sick note, stating that I wish to appeal but was never sent the relevant form, or letter telling me of their decision as I only had a telephone call. I have also asked for a written statement of reasons and, that until I receive this, I cannot comment because I have no idea of what their reasons were! I've also asked told them I wish to continue receiving benefits.
  6. I attended a medical on the 3rd November and was seen by a nurse!! I then received a telephone call about a week later to say I had not got enough points to be able to continue claiming ESA. I was told I could appeal and to look out in the post for their decision. I have lots of other complicated matters taking up space in my brain and I forgot all about it until I checked the bank this morning only to find I have had no ESA payment into the account. I telephoned to enquire as to what had happened and was told I need to submit a sick note and a letter saying I wish to appeal.
  7. Thanks for your quick response, Brig. I certainly will let you know if I hear back from TWW. Thanks again
  8. Please can I have a response to my last post (as quoted). It would appear that Motormile Finance are are admitting the debt is statute barred. I would rather hear it from them than wait forever to get a response from Transcom Worldwide. What do you think? Thanks
  9. I have only sent a letter to Transcom (S Woodward), should I have sent a letter to MMF too? It seems they are responding quicker than Transcom. Thanks
  10. I received a response to this letter this morning and their reply was that they have queried the account with their client and are awaiting their response in regards to my dispute/enquiry. they will contact me as soon as they receive a reply! Yet their previous letter said they can confirm that the account is not statute barred. Me thinks this means they're trying to pass the buck. What do you say?
  11. I sent an email to my local Trading Standards office and they have told me to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau? Surely if I contact CAB they will only tell me to report to Trading Standards. I'm definately confused.com!
  12. :roll:Can you please explain "RD this"? I don't know whether you wanted me to just read about the Restitutionary damages or you wanted me to put that in the letter! Am I being a bit thick?
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