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  1. Yes apparently so, having told them I am ill, they asked for a letter or a sick note copy as evidence Andy
  2. Hi and thank you Andy, I stupidly received and answered a telephone call from Very, the supporting evidence they are after is a doctors letter ! Yet again dx100uk I apologise for merging threads I did look for previous threads but wasn't able to find them, maybe one day I will be more computer friendly and not cause such problems
  3. Hi any help would be greatly appreciated, following advice from here, I have a Payment plan with both of the above and have kept up to date, I now have a letter asking for supporting documentation for my circumstances I'm not sure what this is ? If I cant provide this the plan is canceled, any ideas Thank you in advance
  4. Hi all A final update, last Friday I once again contacted Merrywood and like Jonathon, spoke to the same girl, who informed me that I was in a queue, I asked " how long is the Queue ? She responded that I wasn't the only person waiting on a refund, I then told her that I was contacting the FOS and this was the response , go ahead it gives us more time 8 weeks and you will end up waiting a lot longer. Here's what I did rang my bank and told them I wanted a charge back, I explained the situation plus added that I had had advice from FOS 5 minutes later I was told the money would be returned t
  5. Hi all, At last I have the time to update my situation. Firstly thank you for all the replies and help, without this I wouldn't have known where to begin. So I have very good news. REFUNDS as follows: 4/9 Money warehouse £27.31 4/9 Smile £26.34 5/9 Go Cheap Loans £64.99 5/9 Loans Direct £69.75 11/9 Enhance Finance £69.99 12/9 Loans Plus More £69.99 The one that still hasn't issued a refund is Merrywood, I rang them today and the girl was strangely very polite, having told me last week that I would get it last Friday, (I didn't) she
  6. Hi just to clear things up, I applied to the first company thinking instant cash and when the reply came back it was saying they would contact in 24/48 hours as this was no help I went to the next one and got the same response, I made a further 2 applications still blind to the fact theses companies were Brokers, within an hour I was bombarded with 100's of calls and text and at least 40 emails per day, the following day the money started coming out, at this point the penny finally dropped, what a total fool I had been
  7. Hi and thank you so much for the responses, the amount taken today was from Loan plus more, I have contacted them and have to put it in writing for a refund, a few of these companys have free post for these letters , I chose recorded delivery just to help matters, the refunds have been in full, they havent even taken the £5 suprisingly, I have rung Merrywood 3 times today and there not answering there phone and none of them found me a loan as I didnt proceed any further with the hundreds of leads that began hassling me, I have also spoken to the bank ( Nat West) again today who are saying
  8. Hi and thank you for your reply's and encouragement.I am going to update my situation and ask for info regarding yet ANOTHER costly incident. Firstly as things stand: 27/8 Loans Direct took £69.75 27/8 My loan took £1.00 28/8 My loan added £1.00 29/8 Merrywood added £1.00 29/8 Go Cheap took £64.99 29/8 Money-warehouse took £27.31 29/8 Merrywood took £1.00 29/8 My loan took £69.99 30/8 Merrywood took £69.95 2/9 Smile finance took £26.34 4/9 Money warehouse add
  9. Hi and thank you for your reassuring response, the other companies that have withdrawn money from my account are: Loans Direct Uk, My loans, Go cheap and money warehouse.
  10. Hi i have used this site on a few occasions and would appreciate any advice on the following mess. At present I am on holiday and had a cash shortfall (as always) so I typed in payday loans and proceeded to fill in the required areas only to find I was passed from one company to another all with promise of immediate payment, to cut a long story short as of 27/8/13 I have been charged varying amounts from the following companies Money warehouse Smile Merry wood loans and a couple more ranging from £27 to £69.99. Having looked into this I realise these companies were brokers and t
  11. Thank you for that, I am such a dumb-ass. I have got the info from the post and emailed them. Regards once again.
  12. Hi IMS21 Firstly Im sorry I hadn't realized I had merged two threads and dumbly I cant find dx advice on this. Sorry to be a pain
  13. Hi Having had lots of advice regarding this, I am hoping for a bit more, I have received the following email and wondered exactly what to send as supporting documents, my situation has got worse ( see other post) Thank you for recent payment on your Isme account. Your account has been with the Specialist Support Team since 2.11.2012 during which time there has been no account interest or administration charges applied to the account. Unfortunately in order for us to continue assisting you with your account we do now require supporting documentation as to your current circumstances
  14. Hi and thank you for your responses, I feel a lot stronger now and have been able to deal with things in a more positive way, I have reduced all my payments to creditors to a more realistic affordable amount making things things are a bit easier. Onwards and upwards for me and my children and thank you once again
  15. Yes I have a mortgage I am paying interest only at the moment, I have recently got a job 12 hours pw £76 I also have a private pension of £300 pm. I have neen told to apply for working tax credits, but I no this is not enough to cover my bills and debts, I am totally wrecked and Im at a loss as to what way to turn. Thank you for your reply amy advice would be so helpfull
  16. I have been using this site for some time now and have taken on board the fantastic advice given, I have just applied for PPI repayment from the Halifax, I recently posted the amount of debt we had and am in the process of fighting off Very and ISME again, they are asking for financial proof and proof of my husbands stroke, which through reading on here, I no I do not have to provide but was willing to do so, now here is an update. In his infinite wisdom, my husband has decided that to enable him to have a full recovery from his stroke he should and has LEFT us.
  17. Hi I have at last received the required SAR info from the Halifax, I have to say I'm totally confused and here is why. We were told that we had to take PPI for them to allow us this loan, which we agreed to, I think they have incorporated the PPI into the loan as I have gotten my latest statement and although there is no mention of a monthly insurance, each month I am being charged interest which I thought had been frozen due to reduced payments, I'm not sure what to do at present and any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks Tricia
  18. Thank you and many thanks to this site for the advice I have received, which has given me the strength to deal with the problems that have been drowning me.
  19. Hi I have started the process of reducing my payments from £ 50 pcm to £25 pcm and following a couple of emails requesting me to ring them, I have received the following Thank you for your recent offer of payments on your Shop Direct accounts. I am pleased to inform you, your offer of £25.00 each month to both of your accounts has been accepted for an initial period of three months. During this time we would appreciate if you could provide some supporting documentation in regards to your current circumstances. This will allow us to assist you in the best way possible and allo
  20. thanks for the info, I think my next move will be the SAR to nat west credit card, isme and very, then I will look into the BCOBS, many thanks for your help, one more thing can I offer the TSB less than im struggling to pay at the moment ( I thought the banks would have come under prioritys ) sorry for all the questions.
  21. So am i rightt in thinking that these 5 accounts would have added charges that I can reclaim ?
  22. I have used Noddle each account I have with Lloyd's TSB, 1 x credit card 2 x loan account 2 x current accounts has a default next to them, which I find strange as I have never missed a payment, initially I was with a DMC I'm wondering if they missed or made late payments ! all other accounts are ok
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