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  1. Thanks Alastrum for your advice. This really means a lot to us. I think we will make an official complaint because the treatment and service we've had is poor and it's still ongoing 7 years later.Jas
  2. Thanks for your advice and words of encouragement Asastrum. We are really heartened to hear this, although still nervous at the thought of appearing before a Tribunal.Would you or anyone else be able to advise whether we should still make an official complaint to get an ex-gratia payment, and if yes, what impact will this have on our Tribunal process?Thanks again.Jas
  3. Thanks Sparklez30 for formatting it for us. We had originally written it on a word processor and copied and pasted it into this forum but all the formatting seems to have disappeared, but your effort has been appreciated :-)With regards to phoning Tax Credits, we don't know whether we should, cos based on past experience, it may result in them messing it up even more. We've just sent them the info saying that we would like to continue to Tribunal and basically we'll have to wait to hear back from them.Jas
  4. Hi, just one other thing, my husband may be getting made redundant from his main job (he has 2), so how will this affect the whole saga?
  5. Hi everyone,I wonder if you could help us with the problems that we’ve been having with our tax credits. We’ve been trying to sort this problem out for the past few years and now we are at our wits end. I’ll try to keep it brief. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.First, our tax credits got stopped due to a computer error by HMRC in January 2005. Following this we contacted them several times to get it sorted but to no avail. In the interim they paid us manually by sending us giro payments.Meanwhile occasionally they would send demand notices saying we owed them several thous
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