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  1. Yes I have all bank statements and speaking to CSA they've also acknowledge receipts and the fact the debt registered with rossendales is incorrect, hence me raising the potential breach of data protection act to the in my complaint. I have proof of everything that they would consider removable with either a receipt in my name or paid for from my sole bank account. I've been the main breadwinner of the household so it's factual not that we are being difficult. We do not lavish lifestyles we break even, but if my husband was to work we'd be in debt hence we chose it was in our families inte
  2. Basically my husband was made redundant January 2010, and has been out of work ever since as he can't find a high enough paid job to cover CSA & nursery fees as I work too. As a result he is basically a stay at home husband with no income, doesn't claim benefits and we get very little CTC due to my level of earnings alone. The debt with the CSA came about around the time of redundancy and he now has a nil payment assigned. To bring the debt down I set up a standing order of £20 from my wages every calendar month. It's now come to light that the CSA have not been deducting this from
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