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  1. "If you only went on the trip in the second week of ownership and reported the issue after that, I don't think you'll get them repaired free. How do they know you didn't do it?" I am quite sure, the burden of proof within the first six month is with the retailer and not the consumer. And even with six years if you can prove that the fault was a manufacturing issue. "I'd say anything up to 7 days is a reasonable time for inspection for a laptop." This comes to the reasonable man question: is it reasonable for the man on the street to see and identify those faults straight away a
  2. Thank you very much blitz! I will use your suggestions in my letter. The scratches actually run across the top of the frame a little so I am feeling really cheated that it is not perfect. Since now I have discovered what they really are, I seem to notice them more. My previous laptop, another expensive one, lasted over 5 years and I didn't even put a scratch on it - except when it returned for repairs; what I am try to say I guess is that I but the best and I treat them that way too. Also, if anyone can help, please help me state some case law to support my position. Many many
  3. Quick story: Bought a ASUS laptop last year for £700 from an online retailer. Out of the box all seems fine and shiny, notice something on the cover around the screen but not very noticeable; looked and felt like glue and dust residue from the protective film. On the second week I went on a business trip with the computer and during the trip someone noticed that the 'something' were very minute scratches and not glue/dust residue. The computer also started to act funny, so as soon as I got back home I called the retailer about both issues (the laptop acting funny and the scratches)
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