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  1. Hi again. I have posted an up-date at the bottom of this page with regards to my latest saga with HFO services. I am now goint to send the above information that you kindly provided. Before I do so, I would like to ask your advise with regards to the following extract from your text; (iii) I fully expect the police to eventually show that adverse data was wrongly filed which would mean that earlier processing was unfair and unjust. Since we last communicated, I have pursued the possibility of the police becomining involved again and again only to be told the same information ' I can
  2. Hello all. Just an up-date re my on-going saga with HFO services. Having contacted the Information Commisioners Office I submitted yet another request for access to any and all information that HFO services hold with regards to this apparent debt that is registered in my name! This request was formal and followed a template for a data subject access request that I found online. The ICO told me that the two years worth of requests that I had sent could not be considered because I had not made it clear that I was making a data subject access request so please do make requests formally so that
  3. Hi Alan I can confirm that I have never had a monument account and that I had never heard of them before I discovoured the debt. I think, but to be sure I will have to access my folder where I originally saved the copies of the statements that HFO services sent me, that there were two credit cards, with a maximum limit of £500. I will check my file as I am getting myself confused, but basically the debt is related to 'an old Monument account' as HFO services put it. I havn't looked in the file for a while as previously stated I have not managed to obtain much information from HFO services. I
  4. Hello again jasper and 'wow' I am impresed. I confess that I had to read it twice before it sank in. Are you a solicitor? or just unfortunate enough to have had to educate yourself on these matters for personal reasons? Before I act on the information provided, can I please ask for a little more guidance as I feel scared to submit it before clarification of a few facts, well, one fact. In the text that you so kindly wrote, it mentions that HFO services have not 'provided one scratch of eveidence' obviously you put this in there based on the few facts of information that I had provided. Because
  5. Hi and thanks I have already submitted a complaint to the Inf Com. It took all of today to do so. Please can you advise me further what the 'sec 10' is as I don't feel confident doing it given that I have not got a clue what it is. Also, is there a chance that I am making matters worse for myself if I submit it? As things currently stand with HFO services, they do not respond to my requests and state that the 'debt inforcement attempts are currently hold hold because the original document can't be located, but that the debt will remain registered in my name.' Does anybody know how I manage t
  6. The representative from the FOS managed to obtain some information from HFO services, which was more than I managed. However, as he wrote, he 'had misunderstood my instructions and was therefore not in a position to help as this was not a matter for the FOS.' Turns out that he thought that I was trying to negotiate some kind of repayment instead of vehemently stating that this debt is not mine. He did manage to find out where the credit was spent though. There were cash withdrawels from various cash machines and a the card was also used to purchase goods from an online store. I have aske
  7. Hi there. I certainly have, on at least 3 different occasions. One in person, to Cardiff police station, and the others by completing online non emergency incident reporting forms. I have submitted 3 complaints so far and heard back from one of the complaints today, but the response just stated that 'they had recieved my complaint and will be in touch.' I am being sent around and around circles. Thanks Marie
  8. Thank you so much. I will start my contact with OFT straight away. I spent 12 hours composing and sending emails etc yesterday and so far today I have been working on this since 9am this morning. I have submitted a complaint to the police as I reported this incident last year and having called them at the weekend I was informed that 'they have no record of me reporting this cirme.' I have filled in online forms on the Action Fraud website, contacted FOS and countless other organisations. Nobody seems to be able to help me so I will try the link that you provided. Thanks so much. Marie
  9. Hello all. I do hope that you can help or advise me in some way as all would be welcome. I have spent the last 28 months trying to clear my name with regards to a debt that is registered in my name. I only found out about the debt when I was refused a mortgage and encouraged to to access my credit file. I am now a member of one of the credit reference agencies and they have bee contacting HFO services on my behalf, as have done representatives of my local CAB and the FOS all to no avail. I contacted HFO services in OCT 2009 and was asked to provide id to prove who I was, which I did. I w
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