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  1. Hi dx Hope you are well As it was so long ago I assume it would have been passed on to Thesis to get the CCJ, The payments show on my bank statements as Student loans Company, but that could have been my note. I have never seen any statement of any kind ever.. As for the cra file I got one from experian around 3 years ago in order that i could open another account and nothing showed up. i'll get another soon as. These letters from Link are the 1st correspondence i've had from anyone about the debt or the CCJ Cheers SM
  2. Hello everyone, After a phone call from an "Investigator" to my wife, my address was confirmed. Im now receiving letters from Link who have been appointed by Thesis demanding payment in full for an outstanding SLC loan. The loan was taken out 97/98, and should be the old type, however sometime around 1999/2000 i received a CCJ (despite pleading that i had notified them of a change of address, therefore not received the deferment ) being young and broke I panicked and had been paying a monthly figure up until 2009 (I had to close my bank account from where I was sending the standing order). I very nearly called them to negotiate a settlement but after discovering this most fantastic forum, decided to ignored the 1st letter and see what happens next. I have stored the number they used to contact my wife with in my phone as DO NOT ANSWER and get the odd voicemail asking me to call urgently. I don't intend to speak with them. Is there anyway to find out what other numbers they use? so we are not caught off guard. Im expecting it to get worse. The next letter I received seems somehow less threatening, however states their intentions to not allow me to leave the account unpaid. They also note that they are aware that i maybe avoiding contact with them but they are sure that when I borrowed the money I had every intention to pay it back!? The next paragraph says something along the lines of-- If this dept has been registered with a Credit Reference Agency it will be held against my name.. I thought it had already been held against me after the 1st CCJ? The Last Paragraph says that they may place my details with the Asset Investigation Department to validate my personal data and pursue any action that may prove necessary to recover the balance. Am I in a position to continue ignoring them? Or should I start down the road of fighting back? after the way the SLC/Thesis and now Link have dealt with this matter, I have no intention whatsoever of parting with any more money for them! Hopefully, I've tried to be as concise as possible Yours Thankfully Soundman
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