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  1. Thanks you two, i will try that but first i will write to them for an expanation of how and why they have overpaid me.
  2. About a year ago me and my husband got into alot of debt and where struggling to pay the mortgage and bills etc, so i went to the CAB who told me i could claim working tax credits, i have never claimed credits or benefitts of any kind but was told i was entitled to them so i fill out the form and in october i was given £3000 in working tax credits i presumed this was because we had never claimed before and my husband who is self employed had had no work for months ( he tried to sign on for a couple of months to tired us over but was told he was not allowed as he is self employed) before we recived the tax credits we had to sell our house because i was so worried about not being able to pay the mortgage etc, we paid of everyone we owed and then got the tax credits, but then today i recived a letter from the inland revenue asking for £2212 back i am so scared and dont know what to do i feel like we have lost everything we are staying with my mum and dad now and can't afford to move i finally thought things where looking now i have recived this letter and my husband still has very little work, this i am sorry to say is because of the influx of people into the country i dont mean to sound shallow but this is the main reason i sold my house. please help as i can't afford to pay this money back and i am sick and tired of working and giving money away to banks ect when i can't afford to live myself:sad:
  3. ive never taken a claim this far before so dont know what to expect, could anyone expain it to me so i know exactly what i am doing!!? i am a bit worried as i have just read another thread (forgotten the name) where somebody went to court for erc and lost, sorry i just feel as if im in over my head!! :confused:
  4. thanks both of you, your right they are not getting away with it that easily!!! thanks. will keep you updated
  5. ok had a response from second letter basically sayng they still beleave they are charging the right amount (£15.00 ) because the oft recomends a leval of £12.00 as a fair reflection, i dont know weather to go onto mcol because in a way they are right with what the oft said, and if it went to court would the court agree? help!!!
  6. i not sure what happens after this do i need to provide any mortgage agreements from the bank because i dont think i have any, i am right in thinking this letter is basically giving them 14 days to pay up or go to court? (sorry to sound stupid, just want to make sure!). what i do have is the last statement the one that was sent to my solicitor with the erc on it. thanks
  7. thankyou fullyskinted i feel much better now, thats great i will get that sent off and see what happens next! thanks
  8. hello please help, had a reply from the courts saying; opon the courts own motion.the court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. if you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of reciving it. IT IS ORDERD THAT the parties are to file draft directions, agreed if possible, by the 5th of feb 2007 for the courts further consideration. i dont actually understand a word of it! do i need to send them anything? i am very worried now i thought halifax would have backed down by now. any ideas zoot?
  9. thankyou i will have a look and send them a letter.
  10. a few weeks ago i sent dpa to black horse ( finance from mfi) today they have sent me no statements just 10 pages listing everytime they have sent me junk mail eg 09/07/06 lifestage loan offer mailing!! and just pages of stuff like that, they obviously think if they totally confuse me i will back off. they have also put this a: @ X ins apr b: @ X ins apr as if i am supposed to know what that means!! any ideas of what to do next. thanks:mad:
  11. thanks zoot, no news today but will keep you posted:rolleyes:
  12. ps this is the second defence they are putting in.
  13. that would be great if you could move the thread, i dont know how to do it!, i will proberly hear from them this week so i will let you know. thanks
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