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  1. I have claimed for PPI charged on a couple of credit card accounts and a loan with Natwest from period 1993 to 2003. I have received offers but they state that if I have any arrears or debts with the RBS Group it will be used to clear off these amounts. The Natwest cards, loan accounts and bank accounts were all paid off in 2003 and accounts closed with zero balances. I have a credit card which I opened in 2012 with RBS I have a balance on it but it is not in arrears or over limit. Can they take my money and pay it off the card account even though the accounts wer
  2. Will try YBS again then as we completed the FOS claim form but put very basic information in there. As YBS have sent us the response do we not have to send to FOS? Suppose worth a try with the YBS again though.
  3. Thank you dx. The document is a great help. Will get submitted to FOS.
  4. I have submitted reclaim for missold PPI to Yorkshire Building Society they have responded to advise that they refuse claim on the grounds that throughout their investigation they found no evidence to suggest they acted inappropriately or improperly in any way either when arranging MPI cover at the outset or since. They have although found evidence to suggest that we were aware of the policy existing. We were told at the outset of applying for our mortgage that we would have to take endowment and payment protection insurance for our mortgage application to be looked on favoura
  5. I had a detailed breakdown for each loan account number and 8% compensation for each account. Have just found some more loan contracts not included in the payout that have sent off new claims for too hence the going over old ground.
  6. I know DX but I daren't just stop paying. Too honest and I know you say I'm cash cowed but yes I did have the money from the loan so yes owe it to whoever has the debt so don't just want to stop without a valid reason. I got the PPI money back quite a bit too so I wasn't paying it off this!
  7. Sorry for resurrecting my old post just going through all that happened previously as I am still paying this to Marlins or whoever they are as they have changed their name again in last 12 months. I have been paying this for years and still have a fair bit to pay off. I have wondered is it too late to send a CCA? If they can't provide my signed contract then can I legally just stop paying? the CCJ dropped off my file years ago but I have kept on paying to the DCA who purchased the debt from YB when the CCJ dropped off my file. What can I do legally to stop
  8. Thank dx. So I send the Clydesdale Financial Services Claim to the Barclay address provided in link?
  9. Thanks fkofilee it's not clear how to claim PPI for Clydesdale FInancial Services as the Barclays link is for the bank not the Barclay Partner Finance which seems to be a different part.
  10. Thanks for the links and details confirming part of Barclays Partner Finance. Do I just send it back to same address as c/o Barclays Partner Finance? Do I change the PPI claim form to state C/o Barclays?
  11. My claim for missold PPI to Clydesdale Financial Services Ltd has been returned back to me no information just lots of stickers and crosses from the post office? I have done a search and their name and address still comes up but now linked to Barclays. Do I resend the claim to Barclays or is it a case of I can't claim as they changed their name?
  12. I knew they were digging for my reasons of requesting the info so didn't let on. I have most all statements from 1993 to at least 2001. I will take the info into the bank then to start the ball rolling again. Thanks.
  13. I have sent my SAR's off and they have now received my letters. I have had numerous phone calls from one of them asking about what information I am wanting and I told them as per the letter everything they hold on me. They then phoned back and said I had signed the letter but they had no example signature from my accounts to confirm I am who I am! They are now asking me to go into local branch to provide proof of identity by form of marriage licence, driving licence and passport. Is this normal? They seemed to be pushing me to give them the reason f
  14. Two credit cards with Natwest and one with Co op. I may also have an endowment policy that has cover on it. I don't have all the statements just up to approx 2001. I will get SAR's sent off tomorrow then. Thank you for your reply much appreciated.
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