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  1. I'm not trying to be dishonest. I offered to pay the fare on the train 2 stops after I got on when the ticket guy took my oyster. I even offered to pay the fare when he was holding me on the platform at Kentish Town. The timings are pretty wrong. I took the photo on my phone as I was walking off at 3:11. the statement from the ticket inspector shows he first stopped me after 3:15, by which point I was already on the tube network. When I spoke to the police they mentioned that he had n right to hold me against my will on the platform and that seeing as I was in a train station it was
  2. I think the oyster is registered to my address but none of the details in the summons except my D.O.B are correct.
  3. I'll try and make this as short as possible. In December 2011 I was travelling from Borehmwood to Kentish town and then on into town for a job. I topped up my oyster with £20 and touched it to the pad and walked through the barriers. Once on the train I was approached by a "Revenue Protection Inspector" who asked to see my ticket. I handed my oyster card over and expected it back straight away. It was kept from me and I was told that I had skipped the fare. I explained how I'd topped it up and even touched it on the way into the station. I was given 2 options: 1- Pay the fare 2- Pay
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