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  1. hey looked into organising an independent assessor. can I ask should I be getting the car back from the dealer just now or can this assessment be done on their site? and does the dealer need to provide me with a detailed diagnostic report (at present it's a writing email from them telling me what the failure is due to their technician expertise) don't know if this is any use but attached is the document which states all the faults on my type of car which is publicly available (I had this prior to finding you guys) D8 Dilution Explained.pdf Attached is all I can get from the motonovo website. Everything was signed digitally and I don't see a copy in my inbox, all paperwork relating to car is in the car so I have emailed the dealer asking if I can come down tomorrow to collect. I am hoping that the original paperwork is their. Failing that do I just contact Motonovo and request this? The car has a private registration but year of car is 67plate, registered in 2017. (don't know if this makes a difference) MotoNovo Finance _ Details.pdf
  2. No problem will pull out everything tomorrow and try get it uploaded. Warranty has run out as you'd expect. It was sold with full service history which is in the glovebox of the car. I have already sent a detailed email direct to Land Rover as I had initially contacted them about them paying for the repair due to their fault. I stumbled across these threads earlier on so haven't even contacted the HP company yet. I have asked the LR garage for copies of the diagnostic report as I'm aware they're palming me off.. I've yet to receive this so I've just chased the service manager on email for this. worth point out that LR have yet to give me an exact cost of the repair as they don't know what it entails. can I still use my CRA2015 even though it was used car and after 30days? I've tried to read up on this and it seems that it comes down to what is a reasonable amount of time to expect the goods to last. I would argue that 4.5 years for a high end car is an unreasonable amount of time. Even without a service (which it has had just not at a land river garage) thanks for advice will gather all required info tomorrow
  3. I seen you saying on the previous posts which I was intrigued about. HP is motonovo finance. Dealer is Taggarts North (Glasgow) I bought it from a used garage called first cars direct in Feb 2021
  4. Hi all im just jumping on this thread as very similar to what's happened to me this week. I bought a used RREvoque 67 plate 33k miles back in feb 2021 from a used car dealership. car is in HP and has now roughly 37/38k miles on clock with 4 year left to pay. the engine failed last week and recovery man in his opinion felt it was due to a timing chain issue.. it got towed to local Land Rover dealer and they said that the engine has failed due to the engine oil being congealed due to lack of service (they checked their online system and couldnt Find any service) I explained that their is service history in the car (this was prior to me owning it) which they had access to and I didnt and after them checking they confirmed they had found a receipt confirming an oil change in 2020 at approx 24k miles. Howeve as this was done in an independent garage and receipt was handwritten they couldn't verify it. I argued with them this proves that the oil has been changed and can the technician give another reason as to why he believe the engine to have failed. They are not willing to do this.. since researching I have then found out my type or car has several faults and in particular one relating to DPF clogging which if not caught can lead to engine failure (and can also cause oil sludge)and another fault relating to the timing chain belt stretching. after googling it is fair for me to believe a timing chain should last to approx 60-70k miles my type of car is supposed to be serviced every 21k miles or 24 months.. it was serviced in oct 2020 therefore I am due to service it oct 2022 they have argued this service was late and should have been done in 2019 therefore I'm also late as mine should have been done in 2021. They then say the car has not been maintained to the standard it should have been. I need someone to be blunt and tell me how it is cos I am struggling to see how a 4.5 year old car with 37k miles running at most 7months late on a service (with no request on the dashboard for this) would then have engine failure. please help as I am not in a position to pay £15k for a new engine thanks and sorry for the long post
  5. Hi I am looking for some advice. I was made redundant on 30.12.12 and as my baby is due 9.3.12 as this was less than 11 weeks before my due date, I automatically went onto maternity pay. I have contacted HMRC and they have confirmed they will take on the maternity payments which have now started, I have also sent my RP1 form away to the redundancy payments office and should hear back from them with regards to redundancy pay. However the point I am not clear on is with regards to my notice period pay and no-one really seems to know an answer I have phoned direct gov, acas, citizens advice and not got the same answer twice. I understand that the notice period pay is paid with benefits you should have claimed deducted. As I had mentioned I automatically went on maternity therefore was unable to claim any other type of benefit such as Jobseekers, income support etc but I am unsure if maternity counts as a benefit that they can deduct as this is money I am entitled to and would/should have recived in full should the company I worked for not have went under. Does anyone have anymore clearer info on this that they can shed some light as i'm at a loose end with this one.
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