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  1. Hi - I hope I have put this in the correct forum? Could someone please advise myself and my partner regarding the martial home following my his divorce over 10 years ago? He was awarded a share of the martial home in the initial order when, either she remarries, cohabits or sells the house. It did state that she could stay in the house as long as she wanted. As the children are now grown up and she has moved out of the properly over a year ago (she now rents it to their adult son and his partner) my partner has decided to pursue the matter to get the house sold so we can all move on.
  2. Hello, I wondered if anyone could advise me on the following issue? I divorced my husband in 2005 after 14 years of marriage due to his infidelity. He had pays maintenance of £350, for our three children, this amount was agreed between us! However, the children are now 21 ( at uni, he no longer pays for her) 18 at college and 16 at college. I have brought the children up alone and their father sees them every 4 to 6 weeks. I have now applied to university myself (to do something for me after bringing kiddies up alone) so money is more tighter than ever. My ex husband is, from what I see (he
  3. Hi, I've just spoke to my step mother and apparently they did have holiday insurance through her bank account ( a natwest gold account) however in reading the small print when my dads illness was diagnosed the insurance said if 'if you have received any treatment or taken any medication within the last 12 months and not declared it, you are not covered'. My dad was obviously still being monitored by the hospital after the original bowel cancer. The card used to pay for the holiday was a visa debit, if that makes a difference! Thanks again in anticipation.
  4. Yes I think about trying to claim from the card issuer but they paid by a debit card not a credit card. Thanks anyway
  5. No unfortunately not, they hadn't yet sorted travel insurance believing they had time to arrange before travelling.
  6. Hello, I was hoping for some advice please. My 65year old father was diagnosed with bowel cancer three years ago and had successful treatment to which he seemed to fully recover. In June this year he booked flights (with emailflights.com, to fly with Emirates) to Australia for December to visit family at a cost of £2352.92. However we were totally shocked in August when after a routine scan he was told the cancer had returned in his liver and lungs and it was terminal. They contacted Emirates and emailflights.com regarding the flights hoping to either get a refund or change the names on the ti
  7. Hi, sorry if this sounds a silly question but who do you mean when you refer to 'CSA rules'? Many thanks
  8. Thank you for the advice which I do intend to follow. I will keep you posted x
  9. Hello, I have recieved a parking ticket from LDK in the Southfield Way car park when I was visiting my Dad in hospital on 19th January this year, I had bought a ticket but unfortunately it was a very wet windy evening and when I closed my car door I can only assume the ticket flipped over with a gust of wind from the door. I appealed against the ticket and they have acknowledged that I did have a ticket but say it was my responsibility to make sure it is displayed correctly even after exiting the car! They have said they have photographic evidence (which I have viewed on their website)
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