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  1. Hi, I rent a flat in Epsom, Surrey and have recently been encountering some problems with the estate agents Cairds, whom I rent from. I was hoping someone could offer a bit of advice on what i can do. They continue to try and access my flat without my notice or permission. Around two weeks ago at 10am someone buzzed my flat. I didn't let them in as I wasn't expecting anyone. After a few minutes I heard keys in my door, to my knowledge at the time, i was the only one with keys to my flat, and my partner was at work. I was quite startled by this and ran to the door to tell whoever it was to get out. They left without saying anything. I contacted Cairds and the Landlord had scheduled a gas safety check without my knowledge or permission. Cairds gave an apology for the intrusion and sated that it would never happen again. I re-scheduled for the gas safety technician to come yesterday at 3pm. i waited as long as I could, however I had a job interview at 4.30 and was getting ready to leave. I assumed the technician was not gong to arrive as I had waited already for an hour. As I was about to leave I again heard keys in my door. There were two people knocking and yelling at my door quite abruptly. I felt obliged to open the door as they were attempting to force their way in. I opened the door and it was not only the gas technician this time, but a lady from Cairds as well. In my tenancy agreement it states that the agents and the Landlord must both give at least 24 hours notice to the tenants before they stop by and she hadn't. Again they were using their own pair of keys to get in. They were extremely rude and threatening. I explained that I had a job interview at 4.30 and that because the technician was an hour late, It had caused me a great deal of inconvenience. They persisted in attempting to get into my flat, i felt bullied into letting them in as they refused to make another appointment. I asked the Cairds assistant to leave and waited for the technician to finish the gas safety checks. I had found that after he left he had reported to Cairds that my stove top was unclean (I had been cooking the night before and didn't have a chance to clear it up until i got back from work the next day). I called Cairds and the same woman who tried to force her way into my home answered. I calmly tried to explain that I feel very uncomfortable that they continue to enter my home without my permission or notice, as they assured me last time this would not happen again. The lady was quite hostile and stated that she had contacted my mother (who is the guarantor for the flat) about the stove top. We have always been good tenants and kept the place in good condition, so I find this even more absurd and uncalled for. I told her that she had breached part of the tenancy agreement by attempting to force her way in without notice. She then ignored this and responded by issuing an inspection of the flat. This would be fine, but I didn't do anything to warrant this. She was extremity rude and continued to talk over me. She apologized once but did not even acknowledge the intrusion. I don't feel this is a legitimate way for the employees of any business to treat their customers. We have always paid our rent on time, and keep the property in good shape. If you could offer any advice on what to do about this, or if I can make a formal complaint about Caird's behavior, I would really appreciate it. p.s. sorry for the long post.. Kind Regards, Krista.
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