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  1. Today I've realised that I've done some thing stupid and possibly costly. I stated a new job last year and when I filled in my tax credit form I put down the amount of wages that I expected to earn, which was a lot more than previous years, so the credits people wrote to me and said because I'd had so many weeks up to that point that it was stopping as I had reach the entitlement already, no problems!! Just opened my renewal for this year and discovered that sons child tax credits stopped in August last year , I honestly do not remember if I told them he was staying on in school to d
  2. sorry for not coming back sooner, We transfered over in Oct, things were really bad, messed about on lots of issues by company, Then applied and got new job so gave my notice. I had 2 weeks holiday left so worked 2 weeks and applied for holiday. However new appointment turned out to be not was agreed at interview so decided not to take it. Took time sheets in to office on monday and big boss collard me and told me she was working on a position that would be perfect for me and asked me if I'd be interested. She then offered me double wages if I would help them out over the
  3. Hi thanks for your reply, I am still working there, how ever I have accepted a promotion so I know that my terms are gone. worried about my team members, and sad that they will probably move on, we have been together for a long time.
  4. Can anyone give me a bit of advice please, We transfered from our local council under tupe last october, When the social care contract was awarded to a private agency. Unfortunatly we have heard to day that the contract for our area(there were 2 areas transfered)has been or is in the process of being with drawn and the work given to another provider. What happens to the workers that transfered under tupe, unfortunatly for me I had the offer of another job which fell through, but had handed in my notice then had to withdraw it. so I know that if they tansfer again it will be without me, as
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