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  1. Head teacher has contacted the council, council did not authorise the cut! It's being looked into will update when I know more!
  2. Hi there, recently I just purchased a new PAYG mobile, my friend found the offer online and bought it for me. The brand new phone only cost 2.99 and I had to purchase £10 top up with orange. I had the phone for 2 days, I had not used it at all and my first text was from a company asking me if I wanted to claim compensation for my accident! Grrr! I was confused as to how this company got my number, as it's not an Internet phone and my numbers not on the net anywhere. I phoned orange, they told me it was because I'd been on the net, I told them no I hadn't. I asked if
  3. Hi I recently had a complaint with orange and after they text me a number which they said I could reach them on, toll free, from my PAYG or landline, 7am-10pm, mon to sun. The number is 0800079006. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi rebel thank you for your welcome, I've been a member for a while and now it's de-lurk time! Hi sidewinder thank you for your advice. I discovered that the acas helpline was open yesterday morning and gave them a ring also. They basically said what you said too. They advised me that if the cuts were from a 'third party' (the Council) then they are legally entitled to do that. But if it's not then I would be protected under TUPE. So my next step is phoning the council tomorrow morning to check if the cut has come from them. There is also more to this story! When my manager met me t
  5. Hi, I work as a cleaner in a school, last year the company I work for lost the contract and I was TUPE'd over to a new company. Six months into working for the new company I've been told they want to cut my hours by half an hour a day. I've strongly objected to this as 1. It is not physically possible to do my work in that time frame and 2. I can't afford to lose money. I asked the reason for this and was told by the company that it's not there fault, it's the authority (the council). I am confused by this reasoning as from my little knowledge I understand that the present company
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