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  1. Thanks for that majorclanger, I will get him to check that out, he said he had them covered in the van and had they been stolen from there it would have been alright. It was a break in, the police attended and tried to get finger prints. They had forced a window, needless to say we have spent the last two days, securing the place, fitting dusk to dawn lights, window locks etc.
  2. Thanks for your replies. My son in law is a self employed carpenter, and has public liability insurance, and I know the tools are covered when they are in his van. He took them into the house as he did not want his van broken into. They are all site tools so yes they are more expensive. I suppose the **** who did it will flog them on Ebay or some car boot sale. Its the second nail gun his had to replace, the last one was stolen from his van while working on site, hence the new insurance. That was a couple of weeks ago. Also they are only two weeks into living in the house they just b
  3. My daughter and son in law were burgled Saturday night, they have only lived in the house two weeks ( they had changed the locks ). My son in law unloads his work tools from his van each day after work. They took five power tools value £1600, when they contacted their insurance company today, they were told work tools are not included. This seems very unfair, it's the first claim they have ever made and been with the same company five years, and after all the tools are his property, how can they say they are not covered?
  4. The claim was for less then £350, but by the time they paid it had increased by another £200 they paid the full amount plus they said they would not put this month charges on the account. I do think it is because of the two other claims made from the same address and surname (differant accounts to this one ) that they realised we would go all the way and make a MCOL. Which is what we were about to do. That is the 6th claim I have won for my kids, 3 Lloyds, 2 Barclays Bank, 1 Abbey. Barclays went to just before the court date. The first two Lloyds went to just before the court date, A
  5. I started to claim for my son-in-law sent first letter 15.1.07 Lloyds reply 26.1.07 ( standard reply) Second letter 1.2.07 Lloyd reply 22.2.07 letter refunding charges up to date plus not putting charges of another £70 due to be added in March. This is quite a change in Lloyds attitude as my first two claims for daughter got to court dates before money was returned. They were under the same surname and address I don't know if this made a differance. Also one was a joint account. 38 days is this a record!
  6. My neice has paid off her credit cards and therefore they are now closed, during the time she had them she paid many charges for late payment etc. Her problem now is she can not get another credit card or loan due to bad credit rating, my question is can she claim against these old credit cards to get her charges back ? and how can she improve her credit rating ?
  7. How right you are Barracad found this on Wikipedia The potential for privacy violations with RFID was demonstrated by its use in a pilot program by the Gillette Company, which conducted a "smart shelf" test at a Tesco in Cambridge, England. They automatically photographed shoppers taking RFID-tagged safety razors off the shelf, to see if the technology could be used to deter shoplifting. [14] This trial resulted in consumer boycott against Gillette and Tesco. It also mentioned they had been used in other countries in loyalty cards. We are already lliving in a BB society and Tesco
  8. Reidnet, I never go to Tesco on a Saturday, to many people, but I have heard if you shop online up comes all your favorites. Something more I could start, when I was in America I watched a TV programme where they looked at bacteria on supermarket trolley handles, and beleive me you would not eat while pushing the trolley round if you saw this programme. Amazing what they found on these. Re Tesco cards, I never did have one in my own name, I used my mother's and often laughed thinking of Tesco's wondering why an 86 year old women would buy all this food and booze. She loved it when sh
  9. Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks like this, I stopped using my Tesco & Sainsbury Cards months ago, I have never been one to use my bank card to pay for anything I draw out cash, I just don't like the idea of having my life style laid out on a bank statement, only direct debits for utility bills,car & home insurance go through my bank. It always went through my mind I was selling my soul to the Devil for 1p in the pound.
  10. I am wondering what happens to all the information Tesco has if we use their Club Cards? It has been bothering me for sometime and for 1p in the pound is it worth it ? I was wondering if any users of this site work for Tesco's and who has access to this information. Someone told me a selfemployed person was asked by the Inland Revenue where the cash came from they had used in Tesco's. they had found this out through their club card, which would show how the bill was paid. Is this just a rumour going around? I just feel if Tesco's don't keep this information just for their own market research
  11. Sorry I seem to have posted this in Lloyds again, I was trying to pm a mod with the details of the claim.
  12. Thankyou, just one more to go with Lloyds court date in February.
  13. Just won, thanks for all the help the web site has given me. Money paid into bank this week, court date was end of December.
  14. one more win against Lloyds. Court date end of December money returned to account this week.
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