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  1. Yeah I was suprised at the time too as they really didnt check into anything seen as my current account with them it wouldnt have taken them long to realise I couldnt really afford it. Just was at the time where banks were throwing money at people left right and center.... I have had a look and the only paperwork I can find is the acceptance in principle letter I recieved this was not signed as I remember having to go into the branch to do the paper work. This loan was as a top up to one of 15k the previous year. They advised me to take on a new loan as it would save me money in the long run as they would do it over a longer term. It all is a bit hazy as I cant really remember the finite details. I know for the loan that it paid off I had to pay PPI on the loan. For the new loan I remember telling them it didnt really apply to me as I was self employed. They agreed and put me on Income protections instead. I will contact them and send them the letter as mentioned on the previous post to see what information they have on the loan. They have been accepting a very reduced amount now for almost 5 years which is £30 compared to the £350 it should be. If none of the original paperwork can be found what are my options.... Will the bank have already given up on this loan? As looking at my dmp statement they have had nearly 7k... This loan was one of my worst decisions I have made and it feels like it has ruined my life as its prevented me from moving on in life and just cant see a way out or any chink of light
  2. Back in January 2005 I stupidly took out a loan of over 20k with Natwest. At the time I was self employed but earning only an average of £300 amonth. I should never have taken the loan and also never given it from the bank. Needless to say it didnt take me long to get into severe problems in repaying the bank. I ended up contact CCCS to help me with payments to my creditiors as i took out credit cards to help pay the loan fees. I have been on a debt management plan for 5 years now and paid nearly 7k of the loan back. It is starting to really get me down as I am struggling to survive as the past year my circumstances have drastically changed and have hardly any disposable income. The payment has reduced on my plan and is due to go on until 2042. I dont have any of the loan information paperwork that was given to me. What is my best plan of action of dealing with this debt? It is totally unsecured and I have zero assets. I have thought about contacting the bank directly and seeing if they would reduce the outstanding amount. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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