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  1. maroondevo52 TY for your time, I will send off the "prove it" letter to at least two seperate addresses, I will of course send these recorded delivery. Thanking you for your time. Will updating. Liam.
  2. Ok ty, I just wasnt sure if, as I am in Scotland the relevent acts/wordings were valid. I was googling LOWELL and seperate from this site can see they see to be, as far as im concerned "[problem]mers" I also came across this template: To Whom It May Concern: Your Reference: xxxx I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY With reference to the above account, I request that you send me a true copy of this credit agreement before I will correspond further on this matter. This is my right under the legislation contained within section 77 (1) and section 78 (1) of the C
  3. Ok, Ive had this Creditexpert thing for over 6 months now, there was one Default on my credit account from TESSERA, it says its from a bank but I have no idea what it is? i just kinda assumed it was something I had messed up! I had a default pop up about a month ago on my credit account from WEB HALESOWEN (think thats how its spelt), I called creditexpert to say I defo do not know what this was, they dealt with WEB HALESOWEN and it turned out someone from my previous address from about 5-6 years ago had applied to one of these PARK.TV cataloges in my name and run up a bill, I must admit
  4. Hi, not been around this site for a few years now, a whole lot of changes!!! lol Im looking for template letters that can be issued to debt collection agencys in Scotland and/or advice, can anyone point me in that direction. My apologies in advance, I had a look about but did not find what I was looking for? Liam.
  5. Hi folks, hope someone can give me some advice here. Around January I recieved bank charges back from LTSB after months of letters and court appearances. Today in the post I have recieved a citation (ordinary cause as in Scotland) for a sofa which I got on a credit agreement which was regulated under the CCA 1974. This agreement was taken out on 27 April 2004 and I fell into arrears, then I stopped working and to be honest just ignored the debt altogether. The only letter attached to the summons is dated 10 march 2006. Now I understand this money is owed and should really be paid h
  6. Thanks guys, well the claim was settled with no conditions attached and have not heard a peep from LTSB at all. Im now working on my father in laws case for him, I have court tomorrow for him, just the prelim hearing so im getting a bundle together and getting all documentation prepared. I wonder if anyone can help with this. He is pursuing the CB and they have sent him a settlement offer of charges + £39 costs + interest from the date they were served the summons, I have rejected this offer as on the summons I stated interest should be paid "from date of service of each individual c
  7. Hey folks, sorry ive not posted for a while. Just after the case ending had a bit of bad news and had to go visit family in Ireland and just been really busy since I got back. Ok so my last posting was 25/1/07 the day before the court appearance, on the day of court got up around 9ish and checked the online banking and still no monies present. So I got myself ready for court and got all my documents together and double checked I had everything again lol. I was due to appear in court at 11am (If my memory serves my correct) so just before I was leaving the house at around 10.15 am I c
  8. As yet no monies have reached my bank account, so I called the court to see how I should proceed, to my astonishment they let me know they have recieved a letter from LTSB's agent stating settlement has been reached and the proof hearing for tomorrow morning will not go ahead. I explained to deput yes terms have been reached but I am still waiting for payout so she advised to turn up and ask sheriff to continue the case for two weeks. I then called LTSB's agent and spoke to Dorothy Hatfield (their lawyer) and explained that I will be at court tomorrow and so should they as this case will
  9. Good on you Stevo, you know the outcome already. Ive already stared chasing the CB for my father in law, sent letters and have raised summary cause with Glasgow sheriff court, he has a prelim hearing date of 14 Feb 2007. Glad to you you aint finished yet. Liam.
  10. Well spotted Tanz, it was to late for the email as I had sent that already however when I was signing the letter I did notice so managed to correct that before sending. Ok I have recieved the following two emails from LTSB's agent: Dear Mr Bee Thank you for your letter of 23 January and I note that settlement terms have been agreed. My clients are arranging today to transfer into your account the following:- £1101 with interest at 8 % per annum from the dates the charges were debited to 22 January 2007 expenses of £180.41 an additional payment of £50
  11. Ok I have had enough, this will be emailed and posted to Lloyds agent in the morning: Liam Bee V. Lloyds TSB Scotland PLC Case Reference: SC351/06 Dear Ms D Hatfield, Thank you for your correspondence of the 22 January 2007. Having considered your clients position and also your revised offer I can confirm I am now willing to accept your clients settlement offer. Before any monies are debited to my bank account please confirm interest will be calculated up until 22 January 2007, as this I consider to be the date of settlement.
  12. Hi elsinore, that is exactly what she is pointing at, in Scotland the action above the summary cause(the action I have raised) is the ordinary cause. I do not know alot about it but I do know you need a lawyer to represent you as it gets very technical and im 95% sure you must be represented by a lawyer you cannot respesent yourself. I'm not aiming for a high figure at all, i would say getting interest back back is good enough I just didnt like the tone lol. I dont think her client is in any position to behave like this. Im preety sure I will be accepting, just doing some research fi
  13. Ok, this is LTSB's agents response to my previous email. Dear Mr Bee Thank you for your email of 18 January and I note that all charges on account number XXXXXXXX are included in the action. My clients' offer to reimburse the charges with interest is without admission of liability. As you are no doubt aware, my clients, together with other major banks, presently are discussing the legal basis for these charges with the Office of Fair Trading. The offer therefore is made on an economic basis and in the circumstances where the charges are under consideration by th
  14. Hi David, as Scott says you should have called the court after the return date. If they have lodged a defence you appear in court on the calling date, If they have not lodged a defence you need to submit a "minute for decree". This is just a request to the court to issue decree in your favour as the defender did not respond. Liam.
  15. LOL, its form 1 + 1B which is avalible here : http://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/sheriff/small_claims/forms/Form1b.doc for use when the defender is a company or other organisation. You will find details of the small claims process and lots of other info from here : Small Claims Hope this helps. Liam.
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