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  1. Hi looking for some advice,got a ccj judgement against me 2 years ago,i was on the dole so a was oredered to pay £10 a month,and a second charge put on my property for the debt. .Last week i had to attend court again because there had filed a disclosure of assets against me...no big deal im on the dole anyway...but i did have to pay £50 on there behalf,and use my own time to fill it in...whats the earliest time there could apply for me to go back and fill anyother disclosure of assets form in...could there have me in there every month...every year...anyone know??? thanks
  2. if the car isnt there to take,then there wont be able to take it(work the rest out for yourself),this will also give you more power of persusion over them...do there also have a bill of sale??..No bill of sale..there carnt do anything,and im aware logbook loans didnt register all of them in the high court..Log book loans have also gone into adminstration...
  3. Hi,went to court myself with all my evidence,there solicitor got it on some legal ruling,i did see a solicitor and he said you have 21 days to appeal..is that correct?? thanks Sean
  4. Sign on for benefits...your entitled to them,and the courts and creditiors are much more symaphetic when your unemployed and claiming benefits...as for the bailiffs,a lot of them work on a commision,the more there collect,the more there earn,so sometimes there threaten things there shouldnt,best thing to do is ignore the door in the first place..good luck!
  5. Hi,im unemployed and unable to afford a solicitor (legal aid wouldnt help because there said it was a business matter). .and im in a right mess.. .worked for a company 2 year ago, ordered a website and stationary on the ltd companies behalf, because website was not done in time, the ltd company i was working for went in to disagreement with the websire company. Six month later i was made redundant and the ltd company folded. Website company came after me personally (even though i had never signed a contract), there won there case and were awarded £15000 against me.
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