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  1. As far as I am aware there is still nothing in english law preventing anyone from making clandestine recordings (Electronic Contemporaneous Note) of any medical assessment. This electronic document, which is how the tribunal would view it, is admissible as evidence in a tribunal and is treated the same way as any other piece of evidence that you might wish to submit. There are a just few rules for the disclosure of electronic documents and these can be found under the Civil Procedure Rules. I can't provide a link as I haven't posted enough yet but if you search Google for "Civil Procedure Rules" + "Practice Direction 31B" it should take you there.
  2. I just went here welfarecentral.org and clicked on Forum !
  3. I'm not sure which site you are going to Sadone but it is public, and I have registered with them.
  4. Thank you for the update, Maroon, much appreciated.
  5. The Unemployment Movement Forum is now hosted by Welfare Central Hope this helps
  6. Yes, there is. Employment law McKenzie Friends are well placed to do exactly that. Employees do not automatically have the right under law to be accompanied by A Mckenzie Friend at a workplace meeting but some employers have allowed this in certain situations, however, the granting of such a request would be at the sole discretion of the employer. The point at which McKenzie Friends become involved is very much a matter of choice for the employee, typically, McKenzie Friends work with employees from the start of employment offering help and support on contractual issues, raising a grievance, attending investigation meetings, surviving disciplinary hearings and appeals. McKenzie Friends then continue that help and support all the way through the Employment Tribunals where they can sit next to you and assist you with your case. McKenzie Friends are not permitted to address an Employment Tribunal or higher court unless invited to do so by a Judge, they can however help you to prepare for any investigation, grievance, disciplinary or appeal hearing. They can also quietly advise you on what to say and do at an Employment Tribunal hearing or higher civil court. Some employment law McKenzie Friends are strictly pro-employee and do not help employers in any way.
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