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  1. Fuzzbutt, apologies for butting in again, just hope to be able to help as I am also digging into CIW issues, although with a different provider. It is not clear how they came up with that compensation figure; the cost of self-study kits from CIW certified distributors as sold in the UK is considerably higher; there are 3 providers, and the costs are online (source: http://www.ciwcertified.com/store/uk_distribution.php) Best of luck!
  2. Thank you. I have just received a response from APEX that they are the institution currently dealing with the case. Does it mean that I should send all the information via them, or contact you directly?
  3. Thank you for your message. I would prefer to keep everything in writing, really. Which email address is it best to contact regarding cancellation and/or complaints?
  4. Thanks again for all your help! It is so fast, and it is very reassuring that problems become actually solvable. I must say I was a complete mess when I ventured to start posting here! Just in case anyone is reading, and back to the original question: if you want to avoid inconveniencing friends and need a UK address, it looks like there are services out there that receive (and scan in) mail for you, and can actually send mail with accompanying payment (postal order etc). Some are even PAYG and paypal friendly. I suppose I need to check reviews frist but that might also come in handy, as
  5. Please ignore - question answered in the Scottish forum - thanks to 42man! Cerberusalert: I have just read in the Scottish forum that a company no longer has to comply with the 12 day requirement to provide a CCA; in fact, they can take as much time as they want??? Can't verify it through ggogling. Does it mean that now the rules on complying with a SAR have also become more lax? And now the requester is put in a limbo, waiting for a response. At the ICO gov uk page (can't post link) it is also explained that a company is not obliged to start processing your request until you have
  6. What about that SAR request - is the requirement to provide information within 40 calenda days when SAR has been submitted still valid? If they fail to do that, is that an offence, and does it render the alleged debt uninforceable (or, at least, would it be good enough to take them to small claims?) Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere; I do try to search the forums but sometimes I am afraid I can't find the latest updates.
  7. Now, unfortunately, the above is definitely NOT true! There is noway to find a degree course for just 4K. That is precisely the reason why I was tempted to try the HLC - I needed some UK certificate as my MAs and an ongoing PhD from my country didn't get me very far in the UK. If only university courses in the UK had been more affordable, with flexible payment schemes like these rip-offs! As to misrepresentation/mis-selling: did you have a chance to sample the course before you committed to a contract, or during the cooling period? Like, read the books they had sent, do some assignments, ha
  8. You mean, something along this lines?: The emphasis in the Carey case on section 78 appears to have obscured the real claim that exists under section 61(1)(a) and 127(3) of the Act. These sections dictate that a creditor must be able to produce a signed document (not necessarily the credit agreement) that contains the prescribed terms. The document must include the credit limit, the interest rate and details of how and when a debtor is to discharge his payment obligations. A failure to produce such a document is still capable of rendering the agreement irredeemably unenforceable. *
  9. Thank you, I came upon that info - and a bit confused which CCA template to use since "true" copy seems to be no longer a requirement. Still, it would be good to know the state of affairs; unfortunately, I hadn't discovered CAG while I was speaking with HLC. Hopefully APEX will return the paperwork back there; at the moment the only word they know is money, money, money.
  10. It's a looooooong Home Learning College story; actually, I never saw a copy of the original agreement or whatever it was. There was a dispute with the HLC, then the phonecalls started, then the agency interfered. I managed to get them stop phoning me and my previous UK address (they even apologised), so time for the CCA request, I guess. Not that I will ever need the credit rating, but it is a matter of principle, too. P.S. What happens if they can't comply? Sell the info to someone else? Bounce it back to HLC?
  11. That is a great idea, thanks! I might try that - although they don't normally allow money to be sent via snail-mail. And another thing - the deadline for their response is 12+2, considering UK addresses; for international mail it probably should be the 12th day from the moment someone at that company acknowledges receipt of the request letter. It is getting messier by the minute... I could send the request by email, I guess, but they can easily turn down the request cos I won't have attached the fee - that would just give them extra time.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, that is my Option 1 - afraid to cause hassle, though. I was wondering if there might be another way to pay - to the agency bank account, maybe, or in some electronic way/over the internet. Unfortunately, Royal Mail only accept cash for postal orders, and from what I read, they print out the check on the spot.
  13. Thank you for the links (and patience), Kraken. I suppose I might have been alluding to non-pecuniary Expectation Loss as well as Restitution (acc. to the gillhams link). Hopefully one day someone will write a Survival Guide to Law for Dummies. Good luck, Fuzzbeat (and all other Advent-urers)!
  14. Hello, all, hope someone can lend a brainwave or share their experience. I need to send a CCA request, and it should be accompanied by a postal order of £1. At the moment, though, I am not in the UK. I looked into the options: 1 - ask someone to get a postal order in the UK, print out my request and mail it by Royal Mail to the agency; this is not impossible but would hate to inconvenience people 2 - ask someone to buy a postal order, scan the receipt, email it to me and I can email everything to the agency - will it work at all? still, a hassle 3 - ask someone to buy the postal or
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