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  1. Ah right so it wouldve been better to have crashed the car? Typical. Through no fault of my own I'm being punished The car was bought from a citroen dealer in 2008. Mileage is only about 40k and in the time I've had it I've not had it serviced as I've literally had no problems until this. So basically I've now got a car with no engine, on finance, that I can't afford to repair :/
  2. i have a citroen c2 57 plate on finance, have a gap policy and comprehensive insurance (sheilas wheels). before xmas the car suffered faults and to cut a long story short faiuled. i had to take it to a citroen dealer to get it looked at and theyve stripped the engine at a cost of +£500 to diagnose the fault. the report said the turbo failed and somehow oil got into the engine and basically because the cylinders cannot compress fluid it caused irreparable damage and hence undriveable. i contacted the insurance and they claim because its a manufacturers fault its not covered by them and
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