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  1. Washing machine delivered late afternoon today. Guy removed the old one and plumbed and plugged in the new one. He said it was ready to go, so I assumed he'd switched it on and off to confirm this to himself. Once he'd left I tried it but there's no power whatsoever. I've changed the fuse but it's not that. I'll be on the phone first thing tomorrow, but what are my rights? Surely I'll get a replacement? They can't have the brass neck to to take it away to repair or order a new part when it's not worked from the word go? Any advice or experience
  2. I've got one of those mortgage protection policies that's supposed to pay a sum of money out every month in the event that I become unemployed. The question is, I'd been in my job for 2 years 10 months, but it was initially on month to month contracts. Doesn't the law state that after two years any job is deemed permanent? I just need to know certain things before I phone them tomorrow morning. I don't want them trying to wriggle out of paying out because they say the job was only temporary. Does anybody know anything about these things?I'm in Scotland, so I don't know if Scots Law is r
  3. My girlfriend and I received a letter from our solicitors stating that the guy who purchased our former flat wants us to put something to the repair of the central heating. He's obtained a quote of £190 from a heating engineer. We moved out on the 2nd of April, and he moved in the same day. We had the heating on that day whilst moving stuff out, and I can assure him it was working perfectly. Surely he's at it? Isn't there a time limit anyway for making such claims? I can't believe his cheek here. Can anybody advise please. We're in Scotland, and the
  4. Hi, I'm new on here and I'm wondering if I can get some advice. I'm moving into a new home soon, hopefully, and I'm going to get a much needed new tv. The question I'm asking is do I really need the added on warranty? The one I like has got a phone number on a sticker on it which the buyer phones to activate the manufacturer's guarantee. Is warranty necessary? What if I buy a duffer and it breaks down within a year or two? Where would I stand? What's the experiences of others?
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