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  1. Any Cabot victims reading this thread got the Cabot sort code /account number so I can set up an account on my list to pay them from my internet bank account! I would be grateful! Thank you:-)
  2. I suppose DX my thoughts on this are they being crafty as they know if they dont put it all on their letter they hoping I willl feel i need to contact them for the details and hope that they can get some one to harass me on phone! I have an old LLoyds paying in book for this debt at moment to pay in local branch and when I have used it all up will copy all details onto ordinary paying in slip and pay my £! that way!! I did e mail Cabot a while ago asking for their sort code bank /ac number or a giro paying inbook on their customer service enquiry form on their web site but they seem to be ignoring me as it was quite a while ago So suspect they hoping I will ring them!
  3. Good point CitB and Slick I have never attempted to have defaults removed so have never ever made an application to a credit referenece angency for a report. Maybe i ought to get round to requesting one! It would be interesting to check what BC have entered
  4. You have come to the right place William ! Cag is great and very non judgemental unlike some other debt forums ive come across! I felt exactly the same as you at beggining but now realizing these banks and companies are at fault as well for their gross irresponsible lending and horrendous unfair charges and interestr rates .It is only human to be tempted when they up your credit card/overdraft limits without even being asked in many cases!especially if you feeling vunlerable depressed having money worries to pay bills etc and worried sick over keeping your head above water! And banks certainly kick us hard when we down and make the debt several times worse when we get over overdfraft penalty fees from £25 to £40 per day and credit card penalies of £24 every month ensuring that you in an ever increasing trap of debt.!
  5. I checked my Cabot letter when i got it. At time I saw no details of a bank sort code and cabot bank account nuber. Just my personal account number on front and a link to pay them by debit card or set up a direct debit to their web site but will dig out letter and have a look on reverse again to see if I can spot the sort code and account number as I could well have missed it, Thanks DX I am getting a bit short sighted!and was very stressed when i got that letter ! So probably blinded with panic!
  6. Thanks again for input DX. Unfortunatly i do not think it worth doing a CCA on them as in my case i know realize LLoyds were crafty. I did have a credit card with them that went back several years as i banked with Lloyds most of my adult life since 1980s However just before i got involved with CAG or knew anything about CAG back in 2007 early 2008. .Lloyds got talking to me when i visited local branch and told me my old card was not so good as new one and advise me to sign a new agreement for an updated credit card and they transferred my balance to new card ,. So i suspect i now got a 100% enforceable agreement. How I wish now that i had got involved with CAG a year earlier and then I would have known about the unenforceable issue and realised there was agood chance my old credit card was unenforceable and maybe as very old they may have even lost any signed ts and cs! and so be in the driving seat when I had problems. Such a shame
  7. Thanks DX . I suppose i should have done an SAR to see if i could claim some of those £12s penalty charges they have kept flooding me with But when Lloyds were being so reasonable to me accepting a £1 a month and insisting i not commit myself to more .and especially as they were freezing interest rates i thought that was very reasonable amd made up for charges as they were no longer getting any interest for their £7000 debt so was of opinion one sort of cancelled out the other so to speak! Off course i was aware i could still claim charge in spite of this but really dident want to get involved in a major dispute as they were one of my main banks plus i got an overdraft with them which might make things awkward if i get into a dispute with their credit card and they were being so decent about the credit card eventually once they accepted I was on a low income with a sick husband unable to work so Dont get me wrong I will fight my corner when i have too and have fought other orgnanisations over unenforceable agreement and other matters and completly different problems in my life. So if i get any nonsense from Cabot I will be seeeking advice on here on whow to deal with them and i suppose if i got some money back in unfair charges it would help reduce this debt. Just so nervous over how to go about it as Inever gone down the unfairs charges route and not brilliant at maths percentages etc! Always was the lowest scored in class in maths!so do find the idea nerve wrecking as well Also aware that Lloyds were probably guilty of irresponsible lending to let someone like me run up a £7000 debt on a credit card in first place! So aware LLoyds no angels!
  8. I was very dismayed when I found out that Llyods after being so reasonable sold me down the river to a extrenal debt collecting agency, My husband says I should stop worrying for now and just wait to see if they start writing. Who knows maybe as you say they will accept I can only afforrd a £1 a month at moment and maybe they just ringing to settle my method of payment to them at moment As I suspect that Lloyds and Cabot or crapbot as you call them! probably dont like it that I am carrying on paying them through the LLoyds debt collecting account and giving them extra work having to pass it onto Cabot! I know I have option of setting up a direct debit with them by filling in a form they sent me or paying by debit card through the Cabot site but I feel very uneasy doing this as I hear that soetimes once they get your account details for a DD or a debit card payment I have heard horror stories that some DCAs take more than they should! I would like to get Cabots sort code and bank account number soI can set up paying them through my own online bank account so i am in complete control on what gets taken out to pay them in case I get some one unscrupolous who tries to use my debit card to take out more then they should But unfortunatly they did not send sort code or account numer apart from mine and I dont want to start the ball rolling communicating with them either by telphone or writing to ask them for this or some sort of paying in book in case they use it as an opportunity to bully or threaten me !I have always paid my other debts through my own internet bank account so i stay in control
  9. Its very strange that Barclaycard seem to claim they have made this very same error to so many people' As said very weird and does make me wonder what Barclaycard up too! I am so glad I sought advice about this on this forum and know now that I am not alone and to get the heads up that something very strange going on! So we can all consult each other and know we all can be forwarned what they going to get up to as regards this new ruse!and see what devious things they getting up too Also great we can work together to help and advise each other and share our experiences.
  10. Hi. I just wanted to ask advice about my enforceable Lloyds credit card debt which was sold to Cabot just before Christmas.What a lovely Christmas treat! I received the assignment letters from Lloyds and Cabot informing me that Lloyds had sold my debt on to Cabot and that Cabot now I owned debt Lloyds said they had passed all payments onto Cabot since assignment took place and that all further payments made through Lloyds debt account set would be automatically passed onto Cabot until I had sorted things out. Cabot's letter said similar and told me I could continue to make the payments arranged with Lloyds through their web site by debit card or I could set up a direct debit or request a giro book etc, They did not specify how much payment would be but indicated in letter that at moment they would accept the same payments Lloyds were accepting. To give a bit of background up until December Lloyds were being very reasonable with me and I was pleasantly surprised and seemed very lucky that I got to speak to a very sympathetic DCA from SCM as previous experience with Lloyds and other banks and companies collecting debts had been really awful . However this DCA actually told me after going through my budget with them that I was offering to much and that I really could not afford to make more than a token payment of a £1 per month at moment and I must put my priority debts /secured loans first and said I should stick with Debtlines advice which was also to offer a £1 a month. She even told me that if there were any months I could not afford the £1 not to worry ! S was very surprised and true to their word Lloyds/SCM gave me a special account and a paying in book for my Lloyds debt account and were happy to accept £1 a month and though they defaulted me at least all the nasty threatening letters stopped letters ceased and they stopped interest which was also a great help and relief. Now I am worried sick as I know that Cabot will not likely want to settle for just a £1 a month as though they did say they would accept what I was paying Lloyds that they still said in letter words to the effect that they would review payments on a regular basis which going by the Debt collecting industry a lot of time usually means trying to pressurize people into paying what they can not afford. with threats and getting them into worse financial trouble I did not hear anything until after Christmas from them. As my husband advised me just to carry on paying them their £1 a month through my Lloyds debt collecting account for this debt and said best wait for them to contact me in writing if they to contact me to discuss payments. How ever just after Christmas I got several calls which I let go to answer machine but they did not identify themselves. When I did a 1471 and googled number I realized it was Cabot . I decided to wait till I got something in writing as I see from this site that one of the main advice given is not to talk to DCA's on phone and get all communications in writing. Today though I got half a message on my answer machine which I think was Cabot though not got round to googling number from 1471 yet! As it looks like they getting to stage of leaving messages on answer machine so I suppose they will eventually start trying to harass me for more money even though I been paying my £1 a month as agreed. Any input about Caggers experiences with Cabot and advice on how to deal with them if they try to pressurize me to pay more than A £! would be much appreciated
  11. Thanks for all your input folks! At least i know now i am not alone and it seems Barclaycard doing a big fishing epedition to see if they can frighten a few people into paying up for old accounts which are probably unenforceable and nearly staure barred or stature barred .I wonder if they will be soon selling many of these accounts onto other DCAS lower down food chain soon so they can get a few pennies back on their problem accounts! So us lcaggers who received these lettters may need to get ready for another round of pass the parcel and the ringing of the telephone!
  12. As you say griffin sometimes better to let sleeping dogs lie!
  13. Yes I am inclined to do that as well!If they start to send more letters and start to harass me I can then take Slicks advice writing to them and pointing out they not sent me a proper agreement and ask them again about that as I believe if you chasing up an account in dispute query/S78 or SAR request you not admitting or acknowledging a debt a debt and should not be setting the statue bar clock back though other Caggers please correct me if i am wrong
  14. My thoughts as well Mysomtom as I am wondering too if they trying their luck to see if they can stop the stature bar clock (as you must be very near to gettings yours staue barred)!to seei if they can get some payment. As you say difficult to know what to do.I was tempted to not do anything and see what their next move will be but still undecided as Slick seems to think it a good idea to to contact them about whether they can comply better with a proper enforceable agreement.
  15. Thanks for input Slick Much appreciated. Only thing is i did not do an SAR with Barclaycard just the s78 request .As Barclaycard did not keep in touch and seemed to back of when the last extermal DCA was persuaded to drop the case when i pointed out that Barclaycard had not complied properly with s78 request.I did not need to do a SAR request and thought it best to let sleeping dogs lie!
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