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  1. Yes they have (they've had a signed authority) but they still send things to him anyway
  2. Couldn't see the personal info (I must be having a moment!) but have removed the attachments from the post now, sorry!
  3. Thanks for your speedy reply! I haven't done a CCA because he only applied for the card in Feb 2011 and still has all the copy application papers that he was given by the branch. There is a section that states their charges as £12 respectively for exceeding the credit limit or returned payments and he hasn't done either of those. I assume that the "previous correspondence" they refer to is previous letters on Nationwide headed paper rather than from "KPR". What should I do about the fact that he hasn't had a Default Notice that they refer to?
  4. I have been dealing with my parents' credit card debts since finding out about their financial difficulties last Summer. I've found lots of useful help on these forums but now need some guidance about what to do next please. I have calculated and set up affordable payments for them and reviewed and increased the payment amounts in April after one company wrote off a debt because of their circumstances. My current issue is with my Dad's Nationwide credit card account. (He is 76 and has heart failure and diabetes) Yesterday he received a letter dated 06/08/2013 on KPR Debt R
  5. I'm dealing with my elderly parents' debt troubles and have a complaint currently with the FOS in respect of the above credit card. In the meantime we sent a SAR in April to see what charges and increases to credit limits/ rates etc had been applied to the above account. We did not receive a reply to the SAR but when we queried it a letter we have now had a letter stating that a DSAR was issued in April "please accept my apologies if this was not received. I have enclosed a copy of the report" The information they have sent is a copy application signed but completed in unknown
  6. Very interested in this thread as my hubby has a nightmare loan with Lancashire Mortgage Corporation. It's a long and unhappy saga of a loan secured on land and is apparently "unregulated". It was advanced in 2004 via a broker and the company have produced a declaration of income with my husbands signature on it although he has no recollection of it. The level of income stated is one that he has never achieved in his 20 odd years of trading, a fact that could easily be proved by his annual accounts had anyone looked at them The purpose of the loan was not for his business but to pay out hi
  7. To add to Mr Sansoms post above the position from our viewpoint is now as follows. A mortgage was arranged by Kerslea Finance Limited who were trading under the name ASC Lancashire and Cumbria. I understand that they were operating as a franchise under a licence granted by ASC partnership plc . I must say that I find the whole franchise thing quite bizarre - if I had problems with a burger chain as a customer I would expect to deal with the company whose logo was everywhere not "Mr Smith" who runs the franchise, but it seems that things don't work that way. The loan was funded by Lancas
  8. As some time has passed since my original post in February I thought I should post an update on what has been happening since then. I have provided Mr Sansom with copy documents we have from ASC dating from when the loan was arranged. As Mr Sansom said in his last post he is investigating the matter and authority has been given for him to liaise direct with with LMC. I understand from their customer service department that a request for information has been received and they are dealing with it. I have, at long last, managed to meet with a representative of LMC (after 2 years of trying
  9. Thanks you for your post, I have provided the information to Site Admin as I'm not happy to post personal details to the thread. Unfortunately refinancing is not an option as my husband will stop trading in the very near future because of his health. Your offer to investigate sensitively is appreciated.
  10. Hello Kingsley, thank you for your post. The complaint was raised with Lancashire Mortgage Corporation and not ASC as that was the original advice received. As I mentioned we have no copy of any loan application papers, only paperwork from the loan company and a brochure and couple of copy letters from ASC (the loan seems to have been arranged via ASC Lancashire and Cumbria in Burnley). The FOS have indicated that they cannot investigate because the loan was in excess of £25000 and arranged in 2004 (before LMCs membership started). The last letter from the FOS did suggest that we approach A
  11. I'm thinking that it's not worth the hassle, the funds would probably be best spent elsewhere. We went through solicitors to get them to agree not to use Rule of 78; it worked eventually but cost us £2000 to get there! Thanks for your reply
  12. Hello all, I'm new here and would welcome any advice about the complex situation I'm dealing with. It's quite a saga but I'll try to keep it as short as poss Hubby divorced in 2004 and was ordered by court to pay out ex-wife within a short timescale or his business would be sold to meet the settlement. He was introduced to a broker who arranged a domestic mortgage on the marital home and this broker then passed him onto ASC who arranged what seems now to be an unregulated loan secured on the land from which he operates his self employed business. Not being well versed in finance he simpl
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