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  1. Thanks for the help, I knock a letter off to Abbey today.
  2. I'm writing to the Court Manager to apply for adjournment to a later date, I've telephoned the court and explained my reasons and they seemed to think that I had a valid reason, but obviously i now have to put it into writting to them. Question is do I need to inform Abbey that I've applied for an adjournment? The court didn't mention this on the phone and I'd imagin they'll object anyway just to make things difficult for me.
  3. Ok not sure what to do next, so any help would be much appreciated…. Basically I've set a few emails to Cahoot and they have offered me £300, I replied to them saying I would accept the £300 and would they please pay it into my account. I made clear however that I would still be pursuing for the outstanding money. They wrote back reiterating their position and explaining to take the matter further I would have to write to their 'Stage 2' complaints department. Following that email the money hasn’t been paid into my account and so I wrote the letter below again to Cahoot customer services. I sent this letter by recorded delivery yesterday and I recieved this response today... What should I do now though...? Should I do nothing, wait 14 days and then file against them, or should I write to ‘Stage 2’ complaints explaining the situation and tell them if they don’t respond in 14 days then I’ll take matters further. Will it reflect badly on me if it goes to court and I didn't take the opportunity to write to the 'Stage 2' complaints department, who might possibly have offered me a more agreeable settlement.
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    Well I got a response today by email they're sending me out a subject access request form in the post that I've got to fill out and send back with the £10 payment.
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    I've just started looking into this, I've contacted Cahoot a couple of times over the phone and regardless of quoting DPA and the right to access personal information until I was blue in the face they literally point blank refused to send me copies of the statements unless I paid the £5 per statement. Eventually I had a very helpful young lady call me back who told me I needed to ask (via the online contact system) for a ‘Subject Access Request’ which she explained complies with DPA and rather than being a proper printed off statement is a slightly rougher copy of what they’d see on screen when looking at your account transactions, but still, obviously, contains all the account transactions. I’ve requested this and reminded them that I expect them to reply within at least 40 days, so I’m just waiting to see what comes back.
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