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  1. I just didn't realise it's the only thing I received from Tesco nothing I can do then
  2. something to do with it being statement of fact and not a cancellation letter or renewal letter but that's All I received in my renewal that stated the no claims proof
  3. Took car insurance out with budget last month paid £45 deposit received a reminder letter to send in my no claims discount sent them 1st class what Tesco had sent in the renewal letter. Today I have received a letter from budget to inform me that as the proof of no claims was unacceptable I have had my cover cancelled since Monday night and "having reviewed our records we need to collect £71.86. This has been calculated to include the cost of insurance you have had and the cancellation fee of£75.00 from the payments collected. The money will be deducted on 05/11/15" I'm furious anyone got any advice would be greatly appreciated right now Jamieleigh
  4. No first job monday morning at library as I don't have a printer
  5. No, to be fair battled probably wasn't the right word to use to be fair it was more the fact it took a while to sort they sent me letters saying they had the debt and to discuss a repayment plan I wrote back with my Offer it was too low so I had to fill out a basic income and expenditure form I did this and they then sent the letter agreeing to the repayment plan and how I can pay and when. . Which I have stuck to.
  6. It was before. The letter states they accept the repayment plan but the client will apply for the charging order for their security
  7. They agreed the repayment plan in November I made my first payment in December and am due my next this coming week Ah glad that's good news what does it mean exactly?
  8. Yes it's very strange isn't it! I am getting the impression they are trying to use it as a threat to get me to pay higher (more than I can afford) and because I cannot justify doing that they are threatening CCJ and CO because as far as I'm aware as long as there's a repayment plan in place and I'm paying it then there's sweet f a they can really do? Maybe I should just sit tight and wait for these claim Forms to appear... If they appear?
  9. I've got it in writing though that they accept the repayment on the basis that they will apply for the CO. I have made payments towards it and not missed a payment.
  10. Yesterday they mentioned they would apply for a ccj against me and then on to a charge order but having looked online I am under the impression as they have agreed a repayment plan and I've been maintaining the repayments then they can't actually do that? Correct me if I am wrong, please.
  11. They are going down the ccj route first what does this mean will happen
  12. It says the default date is January 14 even though I paid my repayment plan with shoosmiths on the 28th December And yes I'm pretty sure I did receive a default notice from sainsburys
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